Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Monday April 29, 2024

🔸 Al-Burhan meets Halanga tribe delegation in Port Sudan

🔸 Al-Burhan bids farewell to Sudanese ambassadors to Egypt and Ethiopia

He leads the development and development of Sudan's foreign relations

🔸 Landowner Meets Gezira State Civil Administration Leaders

🔸 Russian Presidential Envoy Meets Al-Kabashi, Confirms Activation of Military Cooperation

🔸 Khartoum and Moscow discuss cooperation in gold production

🔸 Yasser Al-Atta confirms that operations are proceeding as planned

🔸 Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: We deal with the Sovereignty Council as the representative of the Sudanese people

🔸 Russia rejects foreign interference in Sudan

🔸 In response to Sudan's request, the Security Council is holding an extraordinary meeting today, Monday, to discuss the UAE's aggression.

🔸 Chaired by the Minister of the Interior, a meeting discusses the regulation of foreign presence and the revision of identity standards

🔸 Saudi Arabia calls on parties to return to Jeddah platform

🔸 Security Council members express dissatisfaction and concern over escalating tensions in Sudan

🔸 Minawi prepares to return to the Darfur region

🔸 Sudan attends Islamic Bank Group meetings in Riyadh

🔸 Trade and Supply announces the facilitation of import and export procedures

🔸 Northern Governor takes stock of situation in Marawi locality

🔸 Reports of a Support Leader defecting and joining the Awakening Council

🔸 The rebellion prevents the entry of medicines and basic necessities needed to live on the island of Tuti

🔸 Armed movements hold a forum (Protect Dar Four) in Barkal and publish their final declaration

🔸 Armed movements in Darfur: We stood with the army to protect Sudan from partition plans

🔸 Kassala Governor highlights interest in development, increased production and facilitation of livelihoods

🔸 Maintenance of the Al-Daba-Dongola road at a cost of (582) million pounds

🔸 The arrival of (30) tons of emergency medicines in South Kordofan

🔸 New rally in Darfur including popular movements and resistance declares war on support

🔸 Gedaref Governor Reveals Intensive Efforts to Find Radical Solution to Drinking Water Problem

🔸 The martyrdom of the commander of the Al-Furqan Brigade, Dr. Al-Naim Youssef with armored vehicles

🔸 Clashes resumed yesterday between the army and rebels east of El Fasher

🔸 Khartoum governor orders authorities to assess adequacy of housing and markets for citizens' return

🔸 Signing of a reconciliation document between the Nouba and Hausa tribes of the White Nile

🔸 Plan to eliminate stray dogs in Khartoum State

🔸 On the occasion of World Health Day.. Minister of Health: The White Army serves courageously in all states of Sudan

🔸 Intensive campaigns to control market and travel bus traffic in Gedaref

🔸 Khartoum Ministry of Health provides new equipment to hospitals and meets the needs of the medical commission

🔸 Wounded members of the rebellion arrive at Am Jars airport to be evacuated with the help of members of the Chadian army

🔸 Counting the number of refugees in the locality of Wadi Halfa

🔸 Calls to appoint Khartoum Governor Ahmed Othman Hamza as Prime Minister

🔸 Khartoum Governor confirms his support for the decision of higher education establishments to organize exams for students

🔸 Northern Mineral Resources continues the mineral inventory and mineral map project

🔸 Sudanese cinema highlights forgotten suffering

🔸 (71) illegal motorcycles seized in Red Sea State

🔸 North Darfur Supreme Council for Culture and Information and United Peace Organization discuss ways of community unity and cohesion

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