Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Saturday April 27, 2024

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces the fact that America has avoided clearly condemning the support provided

🔸 State Department rejects US State Department statement equating military with militia

🔸 Hungary confirms its support for Sudan to achieve peace, security and stability

🔸 Restrict criminal prosecution of violations committed by the militia and its collaborators

🔸 Third session exams begin for University of Khartoum students in (6) centers inside and outside Sudan

🔸 El Fasher…deterioration of the security situation and calls to stop the attacks

🔸 Eritrea temporarily suspends entry permits for Sudanese in Asmara

🔸 Air force launches night raids on Zarq and Mellit regions in North Darfur

🔸 Al-Jazeera Governor: The state is set for near-victory and cohesion with the army is the key to liberation battles

🔸 East of the Nile: Rarity and extreme prices of foodstuffs and (3000) per kilo of sugar

🔸 Anxiety and fear in Omdurman over the spread of stray dogs

🔸 Consultations to expand the Jeddah platform to include Egypt, the United Nations and other parties

🔸 The Bank of the Nile announces its desire to finance farmers for the summer season in the White Nile

🔸 The prosecution files reports against the rebellion and its collaborators in Al-Jazeera, Gedaref, Kassala, on the Nile and in the North.

🔸 Due to Rift Valley Fever vaccination. Saudi Arabia returns Sudanese livestock ship from Jeddah port

🔸 Turk calls for inclusive conference for Sudanese people

🔸 Form a security cell targeting sleeping bear cells

🔸 The beginning of the operation of the movement of locomotives in the cities of Atbara and Abou Hamad

🔸 Federal Health announces vaccine delivery to Darfur states

🔸 Governor of West Caravan appreciates the role of Al-Salam University towards society

🔸 The Hajj Secretariat in Khartoum calls on those who wish to perform Hajj to complete their procedures

🔸 Army legal committee restricts criminal prosecution in Atbara march incident

🔸 Community efforts to prevent tribal tensions in Shangil Tobay and Um Drisai

🔸 Journalists Khaled Abdel Aziz and Al-Tayeb Siddiq win Reuters Journalism Prize

🔸 American press delegation visits Sheikh Al-Amin in Omdurman

🔸 Director of the Al-Abyad Seed Station: Preparation of (7) thousand quintals of bean seeds

🔸 Doctors Without Borders opens a field hospital to treat the most serious cases in the Zamzam camp

🔸 Arrivals from South Darfur state praise White Nile government for welcoming them for 10 months

🔸 The Journalists for Peace Initiative joins the “60 days” campaign to fight hate speech in El Fasher

🔸 The locality of Omdurman distributes the food basket of the King Salmane Center to the citizens of Abu Saad

🔸 Visual Radio Project Launch in Northern State Next Tuesday

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