Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Saturday May 4, 2024

Political headlines

Al-Burhan's son dies from injuries in Turkey road accident

Real estate for a British chain: Mustafarin is a double-edged sword

Announcement of the formation of a security cell in Khartoum and the visit of MP Al-Burhan to Juba

Sudanese refugees escape UN camp in Ethiopia due to attacks

Kabashi arrives in Juba

Sudan.. What is happening in the town of “Arous El Neem” in North Kordofan?

New waves of displacement in El Fasher due to clashes between the army and the Rapid Support Forces

Ardul denounces looting of traders by People's Army leaders

Sudanese official: The battle of El Fasher is the last stage of rapid support

Erdol calls on US envoy to take measures to protect civilians

The National Movement unveils the results of its meeting with the Federal Party

Influx of displaced people continues in El Fasher town as fighting continues

Sudanese leader: support practices have shifted the balance of power in favor of the army

Taqaddam downplays state of emergency in Khartoum and accuses army of preparing military campaigns

A security cell for control, surveillance and raids in Khartoum

Sources reveal the reason for Al-Burhan's refusal to return to the negotiating table

Cautious calm in transport, reduction in operations on the island and mobilizations around El Fasher

A number of International Committee of the Red Cross workers were killed and injured

A military force from the Minawi movement announces its defection and joins the support

Liquidation of the revolution, tactics of return and new international strategy. Why is the “Brotherhood” opposing efforts to stop the war in Sudan?

Armed attack leads to the assassination of several International Red Cross employees in Sudan

Nile State authorities forcibly evacuate a third accommodation center in Atbara

Arrest and torture of a number of citizens of Gedaref

Despite the warnings: has the battle of El Fasher become inevitable?

What's new? The invitation from the African Union to a preparatory meeting does not exclude anyone between rejection and acceptance…!!


Othman Digna Hospital receives medical equipment and devices from the European Union

Change in curfew dates in Nile State

Khartoum Mobilization Completes Training of Mobilization Personnel to Protect Civilians and Support Karama Battle

Kassala Governor announces his government's commitment to embrace pharmaceutical manufacturing and localize treatments at home

Determine the date of resumption of studies in the Blue Nile region

An important announcement from Gezira University regarding the resumption of studies

Review of security conditions in Kurmuk governorate

Launch health insurance that includes people returning from neighboring countries

Sennar Irriged Projects Hosts Producer Regulation Act Workshop

Increase in the price of cooking gas in the White Nile

Karshom participates in environmental sanitation campaign

Economic securities

Sudan… is satisfied with the maintenance of “Internet by satellite” service despite fears

Al-Zaraa publishes decision to form operations room committees to ensure success of agricultural season

Lack of seeds and security threaten agricultural season in South Darfur

Sudanese Airlines resumes flights to Jeddah

A new 30 GB Internet offer from Zain Soudan for all subscribers

Sudanese Telecommunications Company Announces Offers on Prices and Internet Capacity

Important notice from MTN Sudan regarding the return of service

The Coordination of Professionals reveals the toll of those who lost their jobs in Sudan

Confirmations of continued internet services via Starlink network in Sudan

Case and incident titles

UNHCR monitors conditions of 66,000 refugees and displaced people in Omdurman

From Her Majesty's court to the dust of the markets… Sudanese journalists have left their profession because of the war

UNICEF: Military attack on El Fasher endangers the lives of 750,000 children

The food crisis is getting worse. More than 6 million Sudanese have been internally displaced by the fighting.

The vital humanitarian corridor between Chad and Darfur has been disrupted

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the suffering of women journalists in the war in Sudan

Recovery of a “slice bus” stolen in Khartoum

Emergency Lawyers condemn decisions to evacuate shelters for displaced people in Atbara

Doctors Without Borders warns of worsening malnutrition in North Darfur camp

Positive steps regarding the increase in the number of displaced Sudanese in Libya

Foiling the most dangerous pure gold smuggling operation outside the country

They made an urgent appeal to the United Nations and international organizations. Sit-ins by Sudanese refugees fleeing Ethiopian camps continued for a second day.

Doctors Without Borders in Sudan: The situation is catastrophic in the Zamzam camp and there are fears of malaria season

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