Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Sunday May 12, 2024

🔸 Al-Burhan orders inclusion of as many airports in international list

🔸 The Sovereign Member, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber, inaugurates the work of gold screening devices in Port Sudan

🔸 Ibrahim Jaber announces that an industrial conference will be held next week to eliminate crossroads in the field of industry during the war.

🔸 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the inaction of the international community in the face of reports of violations committed by the rebellion.

🔸 Ambassador Imad al-Din Adawi presents his papers as Sudan's permanent representative to the League of Arab States

🔸 Minister of Commerce: The percentage of income increased by more than 600% between February last year and the end of April this year.

🔸 The army denies its initiative to attack support for El Fasher

🔸 War pushes livestock in Sudan towards collapse

🔸 Local authorities in Al-Koma prevent the creation of markets in the area to display and sell looted items

🔸 Doctors Without Borders: We welcomed (160) injured people after the clashes in El Fasher

🔸 With the participation of the King Salman Relief Centre.. inauguration of the first free camp to treat (600) eye patients in Omdurman

🔸 Joint forces: The Janjaweed inflicted heavy losses on us after their attack on the neighborhoods of El Fasher

🔸 Mineral resources reach agreement between Nile residents, businesses

🔸 US Delegate to the United Nations: The same perpetrators who committed the atrocities mentioned in the Human Rights Watch report are besieging El Fasher

🔸 An increase in gasoline and fuel prices in White Nile State

🔸 (4) thousand cases and (93) deaths due to kala azar in Gedaref since last year

🔸 United Nations: Obstruction of the flow of goods to El Fasher has pushed its population to the brink of famine

🔸 United Nations: Darfur people need food, not fighting

🔸 Sudan Liberation Forces relieve its president, Al-Tahir Hajar, and accuse him of high treason

🔸 Al-Tahir Hajar forces accuse him of receiving support money

🔸 Darfur: End of communications and internet services for Zain and Sudani

🔸 Northern Governor opens health center in Umm Karabij village in Al-Gold locality

🔸 Graduation ceremony for the second class of Al Karama police stations in Marawi

🔸 With the support of Saudi Arabia, Kafaat Organization provides equipment to more than (12) hospitals in the North

🔸 Continued efforts by the Ministry of Health in North Darfur to relieve pressure on the hospital in the South after the events in El Fasher

🔸 Khartoum celebrates International Day of the Midwife

🔸 (Victims Initiative) provides free treatment for kidney patients to Sudanese refugees in Cairo

🔸 Inauguration of the wheat harvest in the agricultural project (Khairentud) in the Ibri unit

🔸 Al-Zaim Al-Azhari University announces today, Sunday, the start of distance learning at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.

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