Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Thursday, July 11, 2024

πŸ”΅ Al-Watan Newspaper:

Aqar calls for Rapid Support Militia to be classified as a terrorist organization

Disagreements within the Rapid Support Militia and dismissal of advisor Youssef Ezzat

Rebel militia violations continue in Sinja and Dinder

Jaafar Al-Mirghani welcomes Sudanese dialogue, stresses support for army

πŸ”΅ Al-Sudani electronic newspaper:

Structuring of civil and political work within the Rapid Support Militia and transfer of its responsibility from Hemedti to Abdel Rahim Dagalo

Youssef Ezzat was dismissed from his position as Hemedti's political advisor

The chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee announced his support for a draft resolution describing the actions of the Rapid Support Forces in Darfur as genocide.

Red Cross: Our role is to provide assistance to people affected by the fighting in Sudan and not to blame any party

A painful incident that shook everyone. Two brothers had limbs amputated following a deadly attack by the Rapid Support Militia.

United Nations warns of rain, torrents and floods to hit Sudan in coming days

πŸ”΅ Sudanese News Agency β€œSUNA”:

The President of the Sovereignty Council congratulates the new British Prime Minister

Al-Burhan extends congratulations to South Sudanese President on his country's national day

A drug for militia supporters: realization of its ambitions depends on stability in Sudan

Aqar stresses the need to hold militias accountable and not escape sanctions

Aqar calls for Rapid Support Militia to be classified as a terrorist organization

Gabriel leads Sudanese delegation participating in activities of the fifth session of the Arab-Japanese Economic Forum

Food Security Seminar Discusses Ways to Achieve Food Security in Sudan

Telodi Agricultural Bank confirms its willingness to increase the financing ceiling for the current agricultural season

Khartoum Governor Enlightens Workers on Efforts to Pay Salary Arrears

White Nile Governor Issues Emergency Order Banning Use of River Boats

An emergency order closed clubs, cafes and markets in the White Nile on the 6th

Regular Service Retirees in Kassala Confirm Support for Armed Forces

People's Authority of Talkuk and Hamashkurayb Localities Confirms Support for Karama Battle

Tandalti Executive Attends Launch of Guidance and Advocacy Administration Initiative to Support Armed Forces

He was dismissed from his post and appointed secretary general of the Supreme Council for Religious Affairs and State Endowments.

The Technical Committee for Health Emergencies is monitoring the epidemiological situation in the Red Sea

Sudan: Militias committed acts of terrorism

The fight against terrorism is recovering children and women from the ranks of the Islamic State

North Darfur Governor Reviews Sudanese Red Crescent Activities

Gedaref Governor Addresses Members of Gadarouf Saad Lions Battalion in Al-Wasat Locality

πŸ”΅North Kordofan State

North Kordofan Judicial System Reviews Conditions of Detention of Inmates in Al-Obeid Prison

πŸ”΅ Northern State

Northern Governor reviews outcomes of Health Minister's visit to the State of Qatar

Northern Governor Welcomes Alqam Company's Will to Set Up Seven Factories in the State

GIAD implements development projects in Northern State

Decision to change curfew dates in the North

πŸ”΅ Blue Nile State:

A decision to create a media room at the Blue Nile to refute the rumors

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