Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Thursday May 9, 2024

🔵 Al-Watan Newspaper:

Al-Burhan: There will be no negotiations or ceasefire until the rebellion is defeated

Officially… Approval of the law on the General Intelligence Service

Warning about unknown drug in Sudan

Khaled Silk criticizes rapid support

🔵 Event log:

(48) parties sign the Charter of the Sudanese national project in Cairo

The charter proposes a global dialogue (Sudanese-Sudanese) to resolve the current crisis.

Al-Burhan: We will not stop the fighting and victory is near

The Sovereign and Ministers approve the amended law on intelligence services

🔵 Al-Sudani electronic newspaper:

Lieutenant General Al-Burhan: There are no negotiations, no peace and no ceasefire except after defeating the rebellion and getting rid of the criminals so that the country can live in peace.

Sultan of Oman offers condolences to Al-Burhan

Tijani Cissé: A European country is preparing to build an asphalt road linking Chadian Adré to El Geneina

The Minister of Foreign Affairs discusses with his Ethiopian counterpart the evolution of relations between the two countries

United Nations: War in Sudan seriously hampers resolution of Abyei crisis

Maryam Al-Sadiq offers condolences to Al-Burhan on the death of her son Muhammad

Global health: half of Sudan's hospitals are out of service

A gift of pure gold alloy to the artist Iman Al-Sharif

The death of media artist Nemat Hammad

🔵 Sudanese press agency “SUNA”:

Sovereignty and the Council of Ministers approve the amended law on the General Intelligence Service

The proof: there will be no negotiations, no peace, no ceasefire until the rebellion is defeated.

Al-Burhan inspects Nile front lines

Vice-president of the Sovereignty Council meets the Prime Minister

Governor of Al-Jazeera: Armed forces are guarantors of Sudan's unity

Humanitarian protection partners in El Fasher are exploring ways to strengthen cooperation to provide services to people affected by the war.

Gedaref celebrates World Day of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

White Nile government, European Union discuss humanitarian situation

Renewal of the extension of the state of emergency for a period of three months in South Kordofan

Foreign Minister discusses with his Ethiopian counterpart the development of relations and coordination in international forums

Vice President of Sovereignty Council reviews Ministry of Information's performance

West Kordofan hails Rashash Organization's role in peacebuilding

The Bank of the Nile announces its desire to double the agricultural financing ceiling for the summer season in Gedaref

Salary payments to workers in Khartoum state begin in July

The Electronic Press Association launches its activities with wide participation

North Darfur governor inspects markets, controls flow of essential goods

The Electronic Press Association announces its support for the army, and its president backs it with 5 million pounds

And in Gedaref, he defends the project of a radical solution to Gedaref water

🔵 Northern State

Northern Governor checks progress of wheat harvest operations

The popular resistance of the north continues its campaign against the localities of the state

🔵 Blue Nile State:

Badi receives a delegation from the Federal Zakat Secretariat

Blue Nile Region Government Secretary Listens to Enlightenment on Indicative Plan for Agricultural Season

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