Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Political news:

United Nations: (77%) of gender-based violence incidents in Sudan caused by food shortages

♢Army conducts successful operation and destroys support vehicles in Bahri

♢Activists: Support kills (5) civilians and destroys a university college in Dinder

♢After clashes with militia, army safely delivers trucks of goods to Al-Obeid city

♢Al-Hizam South Emergency Room: Support stops medical staff at dialysis center

♢Recent photos show extent of destruction caused by militias in central Khartoum gold complex

♢The militia storms the village of Al-Nouraniya and surrounding villages and loot civilian property. Citizens flee to Mayerno.

♢The number of victims of the indiscriminate bombings in Omdurman rises to (13)

♢A citizen was killed following a support attack on Rahad's campaign

♢ Hattab's army opens towards the east, destroys a tanker and a number of vehicles, and receives (3) from the militia.

♢Government calls on human rights expert to condemn violations against citizens

♢The Sultan of Dar Masalit disavows the final declaration of the Cairo Conference

♢The Islamic Movement: The solution must take place in Sudan without exclusion in order to lead to decisions that serve as the basis for a comprehensive political solution.

♢Report: The war in Sudan…on the horizon for a possible treatment after Sinja

♢Finance Minister: War could force teachers and doctors to emigrate

♢3 (3) farmers drowned in Rahad River and seven others survived

♢Report: Sudan has become an arena of global conflicts for influence and resources

♢Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Leaves Country After Meeting Al-Burhan, Director of Intelligence and Foreign Affairs

♢ Jibril on the results of the Cairo Conference: Egypt is above all grateful for hosting a large number of Sudanese

♢Analyst: After the failure of their sabotage of the Cairo Conference, the Islamists retaliate

♢Journalist Diaa El-Din Bilal: Republican leader Al-Nour Hamad was a translator for the US military during its invasion of Iraq.

♢Source: Transport of (54) waste bins from the Port Sudan market

♢ Report: Disagreements are the starting and ending point.. The Cairo Conference.. Public relations or a new alignment

♢Sanaa Hamad: We will not sit back with progress

♢Displaced people from Dinder face (5) difficult days inside the city

Journalist Saleh Muhammad: The military told me (if we find you in the direction of Al-Wadi Street, my head will be smashed with a rifle)

A meeting between the Islamic movement and the democratic bloc

Egyptian Foreign Minister: Our borders with Sudan are open for aid to enter in cooperation with humanitarian organizations

After a seven-month hiatus… Zain network resumes service for Madani

Britain appoints Richard Crowder as ambassador to Sudan, replacing current ambassador Giles Rivers.

Barma: What happened at the Cairo conference is a real contribution to building perceptions to reach an agreement

Tom Hajo: We demand our share of power and weapons

Citizens: Prices of goods increased in South Kordofan after the fall of Sinja

Al-Hadi Idris: There was a plan to disrupt the conference (3) hours before the end by (3) leaders

Casualties occur after Buffalo car looted near El Fasher entrance

The only one that has continued to operate in Darfur.. Warnings that Nyala dialysis centre is about to run out of consumables

Justice Minister meets expert assigned to human rights situation in Sudan

Analyst: Yesterday's visit is the first by a senior Saudi official since the fighting began

Source: The reason for the fall of Sinja is that the insurgents attacked it with marches and the army's jamming device team was unable to activate it in time.

Accusations against members of the United Forces of robbing citizens' homes in El Fasher

Mubarak Al-Fadil: The agreement removes support for the demand for a share of power and the army in exchange for the implementation of the Jeddah Declaration

The number of casualties has increased due to the resumption of tribal clashes in the Manqarsa area, in the locality of For Baranga.

Minister of the Interior: launches (17) tons of medicines to support the war effort

Al-Shafie Khidr writes: The Cairo Conference… Will words stop the war in Sudan?

Experts: Army has only one option: negotiate to avoid eternal labyrinth and save the country

Journalist Saleh Abdullah: The reason for my arrest was that I left a public cafe to go into exile because some soldiers were drinking a cigarette.

Erdol: We don't know anything about Minawi's statement and the bloc's commitment to the final declaration of the Cairo conference

Al-Mirghani thanks Sisi for hosting Cairo conference, calls on relevant authorities to work to facilitate residency procedures for Sudanese

Fuel crisis and transport fares in Al-Duwaim stir up citizens' anger

Saudi Arabia announces controls on Sudanese Umrah

Education in Kassala: Delivery of equipment for technical education workshops

Saudi Arabia calls on Al-Burhan to resume negotiations on Jeddah platform with its support

♢French Journal: Al-Burhan and Hemedti dispute over Sudan's resources

♢Investigation: The arrival of humanitarian aid in Darfur… between bureaucratic and security obstacles

♢Militia announces control over Kilak region in West Kordofan

♢Hadi Idris: The final Cairo declaration was prepared by a committee that includes (6) members of the democratic bloc and (5) senior members.

♢Khartoum Resistance: Our participation in conferences puts our members in danger

♢Minawi meets with US envoy and confirms commitment to facilitate all roads leading to El Fasher for delivery of humanitarian aid.

♢Politicians confirm success of Cairo Conference and that Egypt has winning cards

♢Report: Sudan is at a crossroads… the war vehicle in front of the broken bridge of dialogue

♢Security authorities release journalist Saleh Muhammad Abdullah after questioning him in Omdurman

♢Mubarak Al-Fadil: One of the most important results of the Cairo Conference was the agreement with Advance to separate the political track from the conditions for stopping the war

♢Feminist network reveals receiving reports of rape cases in Sennar

♢Human rights expert meets Ibrahim Jaber, stresses importance of humanitarian access and protection of civilians

♢Alliance in eastern Sudan welcomes African Union initiative

♢Abiy Ahmed visits Port Sudan and meets Al-Burhan today

♢IGAD Secretary Discusses Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan with EU Envoy

♢ Kassala: The final exam for pediatric medicine and health deputies will take place

♢Progress: Cairo Conference is an important step in broadening the base of anti-war forces

♢Sultan Masalit: I rejected the Cairo statement because it ignored the rebellion's violations throughout the country, especially the massacres

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