Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Wednesday April 24, 2024 AD

🔸 Al-Burhan visits Al-Jikaika Hospital in Al-Mattama locality and promises to exploit all capacities for this

🔸 Jaber discusses with Nile Governor state's efforts to develop industrial and agricultural development projects

🔸 Ibrahim Jaber discusses with Minister of Industry, Mahasen Ali, modalities for holding the industry conference in May

🔸 Foreign Minister receives phone call from Ethiopian counterpart

🔸 Supreme Committee for Post-War Economic Vision Listens to Japanese Experience

🔸Chinese-made marches targeting Shendi Division headquarters shot down

🔸 3rd Infantry Division explains destruction of two marches in Shindi

🔸 Khartoum Governor reviews prison conditions in the state

🔸 Number of victims following armed looting on the El Fasher road

🔸 Patient suffering is exacerbated by the presence of spoiled medicines on the markets

🔸 Island governor orders transport hall to reduce value of transport tickets

🔸 Life is difficult in Egypt. Thousands of Sudanese prepare to return after residence permit crisis

🔸 Discussions in Moscow between a Russian diplomat and the Sudanese intelligence director

🔸 A conference was launched in Kampala to support Sudanese journalists in exile

🔸 Authorities reopen offices of Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath channels

🔸 Coming from Al-Jili.. Destruction of (3) fuel tanks for the rebellion with electricity and (4) cars

🔸 The army controls an important site near the refinery

🔸 Rebellion storms Wad Al-Abyad on the island and kills honorable Caliph Al-Siddiq Abdullah

🔸 (May 14) Exams begin at Bahri University

🔸 Realizing education in Sudan.. (61) organizations demand the creation of a safe environment to resume education

🔸 Governor of Kassala Al-Azraq: The priority of spending dedicated to the war effort and mobilization programs

🔸 UN report: Women detained and raped in slave-like conditions during Sudan's war

🔸 Federal Minister of Health: Focus on aspects of prevention and control and rationalization of available resources

🔸 A higher committee in the north to limit and control the foreign presence

🔸 Sudanese seek to regain their lives despite the cruelty of war

🔸 The competent committee for the resumption of studies in Kassala finds solutions concerning the opening of schools

🔸 Launch of a quick-income project to help displaced people and refugees

🔸 Mineral Resources begins implementing social responsibility projects in the North

🔸 Broad condemnation of the rebel attack on the Jabal Al-Daer region in North Kordofan

🔸 Return to normal life for citizens of Al-Qamayr, Al-Khudair, Al-Saraha and Al-Rawda neighborhoods in Omdurman.

🔸 Port Sudan air security arrests woman who tried to smuggle gold hidden in sensitive area to Dubai

🔸 (7 thousand children in shelters in Darfur suffer from malnutrition

🔸 Russia confirms its support for achieving stability and national consensus in Sudan

🔸 Large-scale security campaigns in the locality of Karari to combat negative phenomena and fight crime

🔸 The specifications are coordinated with an international organization to increase the economic capabilities of Sudanese women

🔸 UN envoy and Ethiopian foreign minister highlight support from Sudan's neighboring countries

🔸 Serious information on the expansion of support elements within the Bank of Sudan and the Bank of Khartoum

🔸 Arrival of (50) tonnes of humanitarian aid from Kuwait to Port Sudan

🔸 North graduate students from the advanced police music course

🔸 UNHCR announces completion of two Japanese-funded projects

🔸 Ministry of Infrastructure plans to complete Supreme Council for Culture and Information projects in North Darfur

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