Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Political news:

Putin to visit Sudan during upcoming African tour

♢The joint forces are stationed in Jabal Adola, not far from the city of Al-Daein

♢ Two in the morning… he flew at low altitude.. Shindi ground anti-aircraft guns shot down the attack marches.

♢Websites cover news of the army's intense artillery bombardment on Al-Daein

♢After the militias took control of the area, an outbreak of intestinal malaria on the island

♢ Addressing a crowd of military personnel. Nile Police Director: The instructions are clear and anyone who speaks to you will be shot in the head.

♢Two children killed in Abu Shouk camp in rebel artillery bombardment

♢Sennar Youth Gathering: Rapid Support Storms Villages, Forcing Inhabitants to Flee

♢Support: Machines, seeds and fertilizers are looted from the projects between Gedaref and Sennar

♢A special force to secure Shendi

Cautious calm in El Fasher

♢Wildlife police repels support attempt to enter Dindir compound

♢ Advisor to the militia commander Youssef Ezzat: The exclusion of the Islamic Movement from the Cairo Conference is unjustified

♢Rapid Support Militia arrests a member of the National Umma Party Professionals Department in Omdurman region, Siddiq Abdul Manan.

♢Designated Human Rights Expert in Sudan Meets Head of Human Rights Commission

♢ Badi: The Blue Nile region will be difficult for invaders and a graveyard for them

♢Gash River Flows Through Neighborhoods of Aroma Town, Warnings Issued to Displaced People in Kassala State

♢Militia returns to rob travelers on the road to Qatina

♢Report: Sennar under the smoke of war…a multifaceted ordeal

♢About (6) thousand children are suffering from malnutrition in the Kalma IDP camp

♢Khartoum Governor Receives Federal Health Support to Fight Disease Vectors, Dialysis Drugs

♢Commission on Human Rights: Nuweiser's visit is an opportunity to revisit violations and crimes committed against the Sudanese

♢Tragic conditions for displaced people from El Fasher in Mellit shelters

Al-Burhan himself drives the presidential car

♢ Head of the Independent Youth Movement: The problem with the Cairo Conference is that it did not criminalize the violations committed by the militia or classify it as a terrorist militia.

♢Analyst: Al-Burhan led Presidential Arab News to send a private message to Hemedti that he did not want his companions to see.

♢Stop marriage and divorce procedures at the Sudanese embassy in Abu Dhabi

♢Negotiations with Hemedti.. The Islamic Movement disavows the statements of the leader Sanaa Hamad

♢Mubarak Al-Fadil calls for unifying efforts behind the Egyptian Initiative and the Jeddah Platform

♢Le Point: Al-Burhan and Hemedti have plunged Sudan into a merciless civil war

♢Mubarak Al-Fadil: We fight with politics and the army fights with weapons

♢Siddiq Tawer highlights the importance of Hamdok's presence on the political scene

♢Al-Nazer Turk: Progress Coordination Still Supports Militias

♢Urban planning prohibits the construction of any building around the national road

♢The National Conference: Participation in the Cairo Conference was dominated by those who incited and pushed the militias to rebel.

♢US, Egyptian Foreign Ministers Discuss Sudan Crisis in Phone Call

♢Rasha Awad: Hemedti and the Kizan… I'll watch tomorrow

♢The National Congress: we will not sit alongside Progress because it continues to represent the cultivator and the political and diplomatic incubator of the militias.

♢Fayez Al-Salik writes: The Islamic Movement of Hemedti.. Your mistakes are forgiven with us.

♢Original Baath Party Officially Apologizes for Not Attending African Union Meetings

♢Tower in an interview with Russian Sputnik: Some of the opponents of the Cairo Declaration are historically warlords.

♢Analyst: Abi Ahmed's visit has security considerations and aims to confront Egyptian movements

♢In pictures: Dilling citizens line up for a meal

♢Progress: It has become clear, beyond any doubt, that the African Union meeting is controlled by elements of the old regime, its facades and the forces of war.

♢Investigation: Is the Cairo conference aimed at ensuring Egyptian interests or Sudanese reconciliation?

♢Tower: The lack of a unified civilian voice and political bloc has thwarted all efforts to stop the war

♢Former official: Abi Ahmed's visit is a strange transformation

♢The Indian Ezz El-Din: Conflicts revolve around the quest for power and positions

♢He confirmed the interruption of communications with Al-Burhan. Hamdok: We have continued to condemn the violations of subsidies continuously.

♢ Turk is lying in his statements in which he said he refused to include the principle of the unity of the Sudanese army in the Cairo declaration

♢Siddiq Tawer: The war is between the enemies of the revolution and the people

♢Sanaa Hamad: The biggest mistake made by Al-Burhan was giving too much power to Hemedti

♢Khaled Omar: There is no future for Sudan without ending the state of multiple armies

♢The National Nation: Sanaa Hamad's statements confirm the Islamists' war against civil and democratic transformation

♢ Assiut University: The photo shows Sudanese students and behind them is a map of Sudan with Halayeb and Shalateen a year ago, made by a student activist.

♢Upcoming visit by South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit

♢Because they did not obtain an entry visa… Sources from the Ethiopian authorities prevent the entry of 10 participants in the African Union meeting

♢The intersection of political dialogue in Addis has progressed thanks to the interventions of the isolated regime

♢Abiy Ahmed concludes his visit to Sudan

♢Sabah Muhammad Al-Hassan writes: Sanaa Hamad lied

♢Allow the use of Star Link devices in El Fasher markets

♢Eastern Sudanese Civil Forces Call on African Union to Postpone Sudanese-Sudanese Dialogue Meeting

♢Sources: Ethiopia allows dialogue meeting participants to enter after intervention by two African Union officials

♢The Governor of Kassala announces the tearing up of the purchase invoice for notebooks and school textbooks

♢European Union supports emergency health services for Sudanese in Libya

♢A campaign to combat negative phenomena in Zalingei

♢Original Baath Party Apologizes for Participating in African Union Meetings

♢Resumption of work in the El Fasher markets

♢Former Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Badawi Calls for Positive International Intervention and Delegitimization of Both Sides of War

♢White Nile Shelter Review Committee Recommends Evacuation of Immigrant Schools

♢King Salman Center intervenes to rescue (4) thousand displaced Sudanese

♢To discuss the delivery of relief: the rapid support delegation arrives today in Geneva and the army

♢Jail and fine for (37 years old) accused of violating emergency order in South Darfur

Kassala hosts review meeting for primary health care officials in Sudan

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