Teachers shout 000, the damn war and the damn malaria, 000 – coward – ✍️ Abdel Salam Al-Qarai

There is no doubt that the impact of this cursed war on the silent majority of Sudan has become terrible and dangerous, and its horror is increasing day by day, as the poor have lost their property and their jobs, and that the worst is that they are displaced in their country of origin.

The complaint is that the displaced people from Khartoum and Al-Jazeera states suffered a lot, even in the states to which they were displaced, 00,000 people suffered the treatment of residents of these states, according to the statement. most of the displaced. was not what it should be, as the displaced people found themselves living in “alienation”, even in their home country, Sudan, the generous country that was afflicted by senseless policies of 000 $ for its political leaders.

There is no doubt that the qualities of generosity and chivalry are implanted in the soul of the Sudanese, but as the emphasis persists, the inability of successive governments to manage the affairs of the country has contributed to the lack of resources, which has had a negative impact on the lives of citizens.

It is natural, given the economic deterioration, that the conditions of citizens deteriorate. 0000 Displaced people arrive in states where “the person” has also been suffering for years in their livelihood, and it becomes natural for them to “neglect”. » the guest who came to him as a displaced and helpless person 00000.

This humanitarian mission must be undertaken by (the state governors), and although they (beat themselves on the chest), they have not kept their promises, so the result would be shocking for the displaced and even for those who reside in their state, considering that they were (cut from their flesh) to stand alongside their families and loved ones who were displaced by the cursed war 0000 because the hand is short and the eye is discerning 0000

Displaced teachers and government employees in general are the people most affected by the cursed war. Their salaries, i.e. teachers, were stopped and even after the relevant state government agencies decided to pay them, they did not receive them regularly. , or 000,000 in salaries, so today they are in a (deplorable) state.

More than one question mark regarding the governors' disavowal of their responsibilities towards the displaced and citizens in general 00000

For example, the governors of the Nile and Northern States lost their enthusiasm for the displaced and left them to face their fate, wandering face down.

Sorrow and pain fill their hearts

In another axis, namely (human health), infection rates with deadly diseases have increased, especially the dreaded malaria.

Residents and displaced citizens are affected by these diseases

Relevant government agencies in Sudan have clearly failed to activate the mechanisms of the prevention is better than cure (environmental health) system a whopping zero 00000. On the other hand, citizens suffer to obtain (ideal diet), which has resulted in a decreasing immunity of citizens and it is natural that they are infected with the dreaded malaria disease 000

Even the expatriates, who have the lion's share in alleviating their suffering, are their families in Sudan

Even these people were affected by the cursed war, since among them were those who planned to complete half of their religion, or those who sought to realize a project for the future, or those who planned to build a family home or theirs. All these projects will stop until the prices of the last 00,000.

Because the majority of Sudanese people do not understand politics and its afflictions, they are demanding that this damn war stop immediately so that their lives can return to normal.

Even if the equation has become difficult, these poor people have the right to claim their legitimate right to a decent life.

Only Makabir denies that the human situation has become dangerous, so the treatments must be present and strong so that the caliber does not escape.

What is most painful for the souls of the displaced is that the citizens of most of the states to which they were displaced have “responded” to their concerns with behavior that resembles that of the Sudanese.

Therefore, with the development of events regarding the consequences of the cursed war, it is necessary for those in charge of the (hybrid government) to feel the suffering of our poor (displaced people and residents).

The current situation does not tolerate the silence of those responsible and there is a fear that things will reach a dangerous stage, difficult to address, where regrets are of no use.

According to the political conception and calculations of the battles currently taking place, the whole situation requires patience, perseverance and sacrifices from citizens (residents and displaced people). The question is: will the poor be patient in the face of this dangerous situation?

So far, observations on the ground say otherwise. 0000 Bold opinions say the Sudanese will be patient (unfortunately). This is a 000000 disaster, and that means the responsible gentlemen (their asses have been defeated) to find solutions. 00000!

They say managers should be in a “constant state of reflection” in order to contain problems.

But what we see today, in light of the worsening crises, in particular (the humanitarian dimension), confirms to us that these people suffer from a paralysis of thought, and the proof of this is the increase in rate of suffering among the majority of Sudanese. .

Will the responsible gentlemen act to save what can be saved?

O these people, hold yourselves accountable before you are held accountable, and we will return, God willing.

Hot money

O poor people of Sudan, they are not hungry

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