Tearing Sudan apart – between the lines – ✍️ Zulnurain Nasraldin, the lawyer

What is being done against Sudan and the army is for the benefit of a new world order designed for the region and which weaves the threads of its conspiracy in Sudan, led by the forces of world imperialism and Freemasonry Judeo-Zionist. historically until the early 1970s AD when US President Eisenhower declared that Sudan was one of the future countries for America's stability because of the wealth and resources it has. A variety that is not available in all countries of the world.

What is brewing now is the work of the internal hands of our people according to a carefully crafted external plan, starting with the inflammation of the states of Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan, through the brutal support of militias like a fatal blow. to mark a turning point in the formation of the new world, a world based on the struggle for resources and wealth which had begun to run out.

To achieve this (dream), it was necessary to target our armed forces, which are the national institution which has not been penetrated from the outside and which has remained coherent and defending the sovereignty of the nation, it is therefore planned to targeting since the April 2019 coup by producing incitement slogans against the army and other regular forces to eliminate them.

Countering the Zionist-Masonic conspiracy begins by activating the role of the internal fabric through the philosophy and concept of popular resistance mechanisms, both military and civilian, and the unity of speech with an overall national vision and societal consciousness of the dangers of the new. plan, then unify the movements under the aegis of the armed forces and form an agile government with pure national skills, far from political quotas, sharing power among themselves and abolishing all platforms of previous negotiations or agreements, cutting thus the differentiation between the states of Sudan under the pretext of marginalization backed by a gun, because what is plotted against the nation must erase everything that lies before it, thus forming a provisional national legislative council and a council of elders for war and construction for a period of at least five years, and follow a foreign policy based on interests and mutual respect between countries, signing bilateral military cooperation agreements, opening investment zones to friendly countries and by forming civil society organizations for construction and reconstruction with a real national agenda.

Targeting the Homeland and the Citizen is a global project that has begun to break its blades and sever its bonds by establishing the concept of armed popular resistance as a societal driving force and raising public awareness of this new plan. The homeland will recover, God. voluntary, completing structural construction and developing plans and programs for the civil armed popular resistance entity for a new era.

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