Telecommunications companies – sucking the blood of subscribers – a whale's thorn – ✍️ Yasser Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Bishr

* Telecommunications companies in Sudan have become simply collecting fees and taxes from subscribers and remitting them to the government. Above all, these companies transfer all the financial burdens imposed on them and pass them on to their subscribers without returning or consulting them. Thus, the subscriber is the short-term precaution on which all telecommunications companies operating in Sudan rely, given the silence of subscribers regarding the measures imposed on them by these companies, knowing that these amounts come from the hard core . charges which are the responsibility of telecommunications companies and are not the responsibility of the lost subscriber*.

*In order not to go too far, one of the telecommunications companies sent this message on May 1, 2024 (Dear customers and subscribers, we inform you that the university student's fee will be changed from 0.25% to 1%, according to the text of Resolution No. (3) issued by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice for the year 2024 AD Starting from May 1.) Taking into account that it is this company that pays this tax because the subscriber or customer pays for it. tax in a number of daily, monthly and annual transactions. This stamp is paid by the citizen in all his government transactions in addition to deducting it from the salaries of civil servants and pensions, especially since this announced tax has been increased to 1% and. was multiplied by four and imposed on companies, and companies transferred it by force to the detriment of subscribers*.

*The government should review the contracts of the telecommunications companies in Sudan and you will find that what these companies pay to the government is zero pounds because these companies bear the subscribers all the charges imposed on them, taking into account that these Companies stop carrying out the social responsibility stipulated in the contract with the government. Telecommunications companies therefore contributed to the theft. Subscribers' money is transferred to the government, which transfers it in the name of the company and not in the name of the defeated subscriber. companies do not care if the government increases the taxes imposed on them because they divide the amount imposed on them by the number of subscribers and are satisfied with the collection operations*.

*It can be said that telecommunications companies in Sudan exceed the government's income in terms of revenue, because they sell fictitious money in the form of selling the balance in addition to Internet services, and the balance remains fair (air ) and numbers. which are programmed on the computer and converted into money which is recycled outside the banking system and transferred to… Free currencies or by converting them into livestock and crops Telecommunications companies turn the illusion into money without much hassle 'effort and thus suck the blood of their. subscribers in broad daylight*.

Half a fork

* Telecommunications companies in Sudan will continue the process of transferring the fees imposed on them to subscribers, and the subscriber will then become the goose that lays the golden eggs and will only collect the eggs and place them in the government basket. *

A quarter of a fork

*How long will the National Telecommunications Authority remain a spectator? Who will stop the hemorrhaging of customers and subscribers?

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