The administrative inspection delegation from the Northern Services Office meets the director of the Ibri Unit and begins the inspection of the files of the unit's employees

The Director of the Hebrew Administrative Unit, Mr. Walid Saleh Khalil, met today in his office with the inspection delegation of the Northern Service Affairs Bureau, headed by the Director General of the Service Affairs Bureau, Mr. . Al-Tayeb Karrar Morsi. Musa.

This is part of the Bureau Affairs Service's tour of government agencies and institutions to verify the proper application of civil service laws and regulations to state workers.

The Director of the Administrative Unit of Ibri welcomed the delegation from the Office of Service Affairs.

Stressing the importance of administrative inspection in handling worker issues in government facilities and institutions.

Karar said the tour was in line with the terms of reference of the Office of Service Affairs, Article (6) of the Civil Service Law.

Revealing that the delegation actually began today the administrative inspection of the personnel affairs files of the Ibri Unit following its meeting with the Director of the Ibri Administrative Unit.

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