The Al-Qulaya'a retreat in Shindi trains a number of Quran memorizers

The Khalwat Al-Qulaya Mosque in Shindi celebrated the graduation of a number of memorizers of the Holy Quran in the presence of the Sheikhs and representatives of the Khalwa of Nile State and citizens of the region.

Sheikh Al-Khalwa and the Imam of the ancient Al-Qaliya Al-Jami' Mosque, Maulana Qamar Al-Din Ibrahim, presented a historical overview of Al-Khalwa, founded in 1949 and whose first Sheikh was Sheikh Al-Khalwa. -Mubarak, died in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after Al-Faki Al-Awad Qureshi took it over for more than 40 years, then he took it over after Sheikh Qamar Al-Din Ibrahim stopped in 2009 AD. .

It is noted that a number of students from Al-Qulaya Khalwa Mosque are now responsible for a number of Khalwa inside and outside Sudan.

Sheikh Mubarak Muhammad Saeed spoke about the virtue of learning and memorizing the Holy Quran, and that the best thing is to learn and teach the Quran, and that God took care to protect it from distortion, and that the Quran is a miracle and a method for the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to students who retained their diplomas

The audience listened to examples of the blessed recitation and the celebration included some of the Prophet's cities.

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