The army is authorized and does not need permission to command the people at home and abroad ✍️ Saad Al-Safir

Social networks published appeals to the Sudanese Armed Forces delegation

In the battle for Sudanese dignity, the people have empowered the army since the first day of the war between the Sudanese National Army and the disbanded looting militia.

All the tribes of Sudan came out and supported the military teams. All states have supported the armed forces of popular resistance in every village, region, locality and state.

It is a popular resistance born from among the people, to support and sustain the armed forces, the Popular Resistance Brigades, the civil administrations, the Sufi orders, the Ansar al-Sunnah al-Muhammadiyah and a large part of their members. Sudanese parties, except for the shameless and their appendages.

Sudanese people at home and abroad have supported the armed forces. Anyone who finds a state or locality that has not supported the armed forces, please remind us.

The festivals and the crowds have had their say a long time ago, so we don't see that the armed forces need a mandate, and every Sudanese says one army, one people on every occasion, so the army is authorized by the Sudanese people and do not need anyone to delegate them.

The entire Sudanese people are in the army, and the word “one army, one people” will not come from personalities or a specific party. All Sudanese are in the army, except for the shameless and the Daglo and Arman militias. , who has neither weight nor food, and his paralysis which left the first days of the war begging outside the country to earn their living and their work. How, after all, does this require permission from the military?

Whoever wants to authorize the army must support the bases in the operational axes. Whoever wants to authorize the army must not interfere in the conduct of operations. Anyone who wants to authorize the army should not publish their movements on social networks. The army must pray day and night to support the army. Whoever wants to authorize the army must do so. Don't rush to publish the victories, even if they are true.

The military is licensed and does not need permission. Just spend things and waste time, and the army needs it even more.

Anyone who wants to authorize the military to provide information. Correct first and do not repeat the duplicate

Finally, the battle for Sudanese dignity is a battle against the Sudanese people, and the people are in chaos, and its slogan is the same: either to victory over the people, or to God in the immortals.

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