The battle of the economy ✍️ Othman Yacoub

The war involves different battles, all of which serve its purpose.

Since the war against the homeland is externally financed and supported by international and regional coverage

It remains important to take the approach of international interests and exchange them with friends, because bearing risks is part of the validity of strategic partnerships.

We must therefore act in the form of measures, procedures and policies:

1/ An external tour to obtain a deposit in dollars and deposit it with the Central Bank of Sudan in any form of deposit (grant – loan – investment)

2/ The Economic Security Authority exercises exceptional tasks and functions by following the accounts of speculators wherever they are, as well as paying attention to the possibilities of evasion, flight or counterfeiting of local or foreign currencies to abroad or in the country.

3/ The government must be aware and realize that its overall strategic objectives regarding the gold product are:

A: Build a strong reserve to strengthen the position of the Central Bank and thereby strengthen the Sudanese pound by reducing the demand for dollars in the parallel market, resulting in an improvement in exchange rate indicators.

B: Finance imports in the form of a discount on export earnings after increasing them, thus covering the external needs of the economic cycle, and the result is an improvement in the trade balance.

Therefore, to achieve the above two objectives, one should not be concerned with temporary and modest objectives, such as local revenues resulting from gold production activity. Reducing huge costs and revenues to the point of postponing them after production is an important step. and necessary in exchange for preserving the liberalization of the economy and taking into account the rise in fuel prices because they are economic and non-commercial goods. They impact production, quantity and cost.

Gold must also be purchased at international stock market prices with a margin that ensures the absence of smuggling and price risk.

Encircling gold, supporting and protecting producers, especially small ones, encouraging businesses and facilitating their liabilities, means securing 50% of the country's economy.

4/ Assuming revenue from customs duties is an understandable issue as it is a source of government revenue, but in return it contributes to the demand for dollars as imports and therefore requires alternatives which guarantee income and do not affect market economies with different thinking.

Othman Yacoub


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