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*Al-Amin Al-Dodo, former Chadian ambassador to Egypt: Rapid support is an existential project for this nation*

*Dodo: Support will declare victory and implement its major project in Sudan and the region*,

*Dodo: We will continue the journey with support by virtue of unity of belonging and destiny and many common points*

*None of the residents of Taqadum dared to respond to this miserable racist speech from one of Chad's senior leaders.*

*The Chadian president knows that he has fallen into an inevitable trap, and N'Djamena will fall during the liberation of Khartoum.*

*Arab nationalists, led by Sudanese Baathists, reject and will resist these claims aimed at creating a false Arabism*

On April 23, 2924 AD, Al-Dodo said, addressing the Arab Solidarity Group: “Perhaps history will record in the pages of Arab glory in the region that no one in the modern era stabbed the Arabs with the dagger of humiliation and shame. , as Sheikh Musa Hilal Abdullah did with such a situation from which we suffer not only psychologically. » Not only will it remain a shame in the position of one of the Arab leaders to stand alongside the other against the component of ourselves. , who have been alienated and are still alienated by this latest position of Sheikh Musa Hilal, in one way or another, represent the self, origin and belonging to Sheikh Musa Hilal, such that shame with which his position will be described This will affect in the eyes of others. You are the people. Why, Sheikh Musa Hilal, have you taken this shameful position in view of this critical stage. Why did you do this to us when we were your family, your gang and your family? ? For what?

Rapid Support is an existential project for this nation, and coincidentally, that project, from what we know from its founding until today, was not as large and powerful as it is today 'today. After a year of heartbreaking battle waged by Rapid Support against its opponents, human and military strength, alliances and field experience have increased in an unprecedented manner in the region, and although we all believe that the victory comes from God, the support, God willing, is victorious and has achieved his goal, and his project has been announced in Sudan and the region, and that we, Sheikh Musa Hilal, as your family, your clan, your affiliation and your family, will complete the rest of the journey with the support by virtue of the unity of belonging and destiny and the many common points that bind us to it as affiliation, destiny, objective and project (i.e. we are, or we are not), and that we, Sheikh Musa Hilal, are not as you described us (Mercenaries). Rather, we are those who help and fear. We do not and will not receive the news of the cousin's death while we sit and do not move. people fear through actions, not words. In conclusion: Abu Lahab failed the Messenger of God, and Islam was victorious, and Sheikh Musa is for us the quick support for him. Like Abu Lahab's position in Islam at the time, support. , God willing, will declare victory and implement his great plan, and what remains of the declaration of victory and the resolution of the battle is only the smallest.)

Chadian Janjawid Lamine Doudou Khatri, as his name is spelled, is a university professor at the University of N'Djamena, and former ambassador of his country to Egypt. He was arrested in June 2023 after publishing a statement in support of Chad. the rapid support militia at the time of distinguished relations with Chad, and he was released after Chadian President Mohamed Kaka turned his back on Sudan, after his repeated visits to Israel and the new allies of the Emirates,

No news has been known about the man's loss of mind or Alzheimer's disease. Al-Dodo accuses Sheikh Musa Hilal and accuses him of treason, emphasizing that rapid support is an existential project for this nation and that his project was not as big and strong as this. it is now, a year after the heartbreaking battle.) That the Rapid Support led against its adversaries), declaring (they will continue the journey with the Support by virtue of the unity of belonging and destiny and the many common points that unite us to this… and (either we will be or we will not),

First of all, we say to this arrogant man, look for another place than Sudan to establish your delusional project, and that your entity in whose name you speak is a racist entity made to fragment the countries of the Arab and African region. , and this is the key to demolishing the long periods of coexistence between African and Arab population groups in all countries of East and North, Central and West Africa, and we tell you secondly that Arabism is a culture and an identity and not an identity. the political project of governance. Arabism is about values, morals and identity, and murder, looting, theft and rape cannot be a title for false Arabism (which you claim), even if you can impose your project by force of arms, then you must start with your homeland, Chad.

No one knows the reaction of the population of Taqadum and the surrounding civilian forces allied to Rapid Support. Unfortunately, none of them dared to respond to this miserable racist speech from one of Chad's top leaders. Now you know for sure. support appeared for the people of… the League), and that the war was not intended to restore the democratic transition, nor was it launched to eliminate the remnants, nor even to destroy the State of 1956 and create another alternative State Chadian Secretary Doudou Khatri tells you that this war is for a fateful project that concerns them, but either (To be or not to be), so what are you going to do? Have you not yet awakened from the illusions that Hemedti will bring you to power by force of arms? Hemedti has successfully exploited your carelessness and lust for power. You are nothing but enemies of your country and yourselves. he knows that he has fallen into a trap from which there is no escape, and that N'Djamena will fall while Khartoum will be liberated.

The Sudanese people as a whole (except the naive) are fully aware of this criminal plan and are therefore committed to defending their existence and the survival of their State, by supporting the armed forces in their response to the invasion, the looting and the colonization of our country. response to the Chadian racist Dodo: Which Arabs are you talking about? Arab nationalists in Sudan, led by the Sudanese Baathists, and other Arab movements (except those suffering from illness), reject and will resist these claims to create a false Arabism and racist fanaticism loyal to them. plan and we warned about it years ago. The Dodo will drink cups. Defeating one's project is a poisonous poison, and God is Great above the plots of the aggressor.

April 25, 2024 AD

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