The Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, Minister in charge of White Nile State, Mr. Omar Al-Dabi, during a dialogue session

Dabi: White Nile youth discovered the treacherous plan to dismantle Sudan

Dabi He praises the role of the White Nile governor in leading the state and maintaining its security

Dignity courses to support the armed forces in localities and state units. Sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and honored by Mr. Omar Al-Khalifa Abdullah, Governor of the State.

In a statement today, Mr. Omar Al-Dabi, Minister of Sports, said that the Dignity Course supports the armed forces. After consulting with state sports committees, which announced their support for the armed forces

Al-Dabi considered them to be part of the armed forces and working with them in one line and in continuous unity to achieve victory. He said this comes at an important time due to the existence of cohesion and solidarity with the army, indicating. that they are in partnership and ongoing communication with security committees, localities and unions with the military.

He said the protests aim to boost everyone's morale and are a silver lining in a brutal war that has lasted for more than a year.

He said they were keen to produce new and different talents, and he said the tournament is a message to the whole world and all those who try to undermine our unity, that we are sportsmen, young people and artists, united around our army. , and it's expressive and honest, and that the young people are in the same trench with their army.

He stressed that they are constantly striving to make White Nile the capital of culture, art and creativity. Safety and security for every shelter seeker

He said that the state plays a major role in containing our people coming from the rebel areas and extends the wing of love and peace to them, and we try to provide them with everything we can in coordination with the competent authorities.

He said: “We seek to bring together young people behind a conscious and promising discourse to dissect hate speech, love of country and the spirit of transcendence and tolerance between societies. »

They are unifying the media discourse to support the armed forces

Al-Dabi said the Supreme Council has integrated itself into the state's communities by organizing cultural evenings and various sports activities such as football, volleyball, chess and women's sports. He declared that all federations work in perfect coordination and efficiency. We try to benefit from expatriates in their different specializations. There are quality theatrical forums and literary and poetic evenings, we try to take advantage of them and facilitate youth work.

Al-Dabi pointed out that the youth who came out yesterday chanting against the army have now discovered the treacherous plan to dismantle Sudan, and are now in a trench with their armed forces in the battle of Karama, offering martyr after martyr .

He said the state executive apparatus works in perfect harmony, cohesion and administrative spirit without barriers, and added that it strives to accept opinions and constructive criticism.

We all work for the good of the state

Al-Dabi praised the Governor of White Nile State, Mr. Omar Al-Khalifa Abdullah, for his role in leading the state, despite the circumstances and the weak product, until he or alone aboard the state ship to reach safety.

He said that the Caliph preserved the fabric of the state and its cohesion from temptations.

He said the door is open for all to serve the state and they support any initiative that serves the country and supports the armed forces.

He concluded his speech by saying that they support the army at all times, especially in the areas of youth, sports and media. He said that they were in continuous movement with the youth of Al-Nafrat and were communicating momentarily to the last one. the rebel is defeated.

He thanked the security forces stationed in the trenches and their great sacrifices for the good of the homeland.

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