The condition of women (the association) and unanswered questions – Race in Politics – ✍️ Al-Tarifi Abu Naba

The rain always stops

It doesn't shine like lightning either

Characteristics similar to those of Sudan

It's a color and a taste

It is a story, rather a novel, one of those stories of legends and buzzes of (Habooba) extending across the nation with all its meaning and its sufferings since the discovery of Sudan… Its features have not changed despite the changes that have affected everything around us, despite (the war) and (the displacements) and the transformations that have murdered (our consciences) and disrupted the balance (humanity) has remained strong and unshakable, not afraid of the winds of change and not afraid of violations of spiritual purity or shortcomings of life…. (The Sudanese woman) is a bond that united the diaspora and celebrated her being (the Sultana of society). She now experiences the horrors of past years and of society. the reality of the cursed war. His situation is like the case of someone who achieved (death) as a mujahid while waiting for (indoctrination) martyrdom and the hope of living again to resume his career (jihadist) or dying (while speaking) . martyrdom…..

The mother of martyrs and warriors (suffers) and in suffering, creativity is not born, but goodness is born which changes the condition of suffering experienced by displaced women, not in (the villages of Manasir), but in all regions of this country, even though the displaced women from the village have 6 different tragedies, and the photo tells the extent of the regret that our society feels and (the women) gathered around the clothes, some of which were tattered and old, and others of which they had found nothing in the past, except for a few (spices) and household supplements, which will certainly not change the bitterness of their reality, as they walk the ground begging for pride and of dignity for the sake of starving children or elderly people defeated by life, so their fate was (inability) to resist its vicissitudes… ..

One of the women stops me on the way to ask me a venomous (question) that makes fun of everything that exists. The question is: Are you a journalist…? Before answering, questions arise: what did the journalists present to us? Are we inferior to the mujahideen on the war fields of Khartoum? Would there have been no war without our weakness and humiliation? Sayyed Ahmed, titled (With questions that cannot be answered), and everything related to oppression and humiliation, no. A fitting comment We are all brothers in (evil)…and no evil affects a woman more than her independence. work, when he agreed with her, he told her that there was no sand or rubbish to mix with the clay, so her suffering was greater, and she worked hard at each attempt to wash it away. most of it with water so the clay wouldn't stick, and believe me, after that I wasn't surprised by his small salary because I realized we had a (deficit) and a weakness that had no atonement… Does society know its humanity (the incomplete one)? that there are women aged (16 to 50 years) who work in the cotton and bean harvest. Do the officials know that the alfalfa pond in which the woman works does not exceed 1000 pounds only… Do we really sanctify and respect women? ? Are we satisfied with our situation and our motto is that women Half the present and all the future… One last question: After the war has defeated our humanity and destroyed the values ​​we possessed, can we preserve a part of our future… The woman from village 6, as the vice-president of her association said, does not need a basket of flour or noodles, but rather someone who employs to support themselves… Most of the women here in the village are educated and have experience leading a government, and they only need capital and partners to implement their plans and advance the society in which they live…

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