The Director General of the Nile State Ministry of Education, Minister-designate, reassures on the progress of educational performance in Shendi locality and welcomes local support for educational programs.

The Director General of the Nile State Ministry of Education, Minister-designate, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Ahmed Yassin, has been reassured about the progress of the school year in Shendi locality. This happened during his field visit to the locality, accompanied. by the education departments of the ministry, during which he met with the education departments in the presence of the executive director of the locality, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh. The minister confirmed that his ministry is keen to address local problems and issues. education in the field and work to resolve them immediately. Professor Ahmed reiterated the provision of all requirements for the continued stability of the academic year, welcoming the great support to the locality of Shendi, which is working to prepare the academic environment and meet all needs. the stability of the academic year.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of Shindi locality, Mr. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, confirmed that education is the tip of the spear for the locality as a means of progress and rebirth of societies. Khaled said his locality struggles with education and rebirth. added that the stage is the stage of construction and reconstruction and building an educated generation. The Executive Director saluted teachers as they respond to the call of the nation and their duty in light of the circumstances and challenges facing the education departments. efforts and pursue excellence and success

The education directors of the ministry praised the considerable and appreciated efforts made by the locality of Shendi to meet all the requirements of the educational process, emphasizing their availability to provide technical support to the locality. The Director of General Administration of the State Basic Level indicated that the primary cycle examinations will be held on June 1, 2024 AD, and the work of checking and correcting the results this year will be completed in the localities .

The principals of the primary, secondary and middle levels of Shendi locality presented detailed reports on the progress of the study and the problems and obstacles that hinder the progress of the educational process.

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