The director of the Hebrew Unit denies the rumor that miners entered the archaeological areas of Sai without authorization and calls on journalists to receive news from their sources.

The Chairman of the Security Committee and Director of the Ibri Administrative Unit, Mr. Walid Saleh Khalil, denied what was circulating in the media regarding the presence of miners encroaching on the archaeological areas of Sai Island.

This happened during a visit by a security committee delegation to check archaeological sites.

Walid said the delegation visited the archaeological sites of Adou and Arudin on Sai Island and checked the archaeological sites.

Stressing that the archaeological sites of Bassay are free from any mining or infringement, and that what is mentioned in the electronic media is false and totally contrary to the truth.

Warn the media not to fall victim to rumors and fake news.

Calling on citizens not to pay attention to rumors spread on social networks.

We call on media professionals to receive information from their primary sources, not promote fake news and fully commit to the professionalism of journalistic work.

He said the rumors that spread this fabricated news were an intentional act of the city's mayors, as he said, and they will be prosecuted.

In the same context, the head of a mining committee in the village of Moreka underlined the attachment of the inhabitants of Sai to the town, its antiquities, its heritage and its history.

Adding that everything that happens in Sai concerns the people of Sai, and they are more cautious than others towards their city and its residents in the face of the dangers of cyanide or other things and the safety of environmental health, as he described it.

For his part, Sai Antiquities Zones Supervisor Imad Shorbagy denied the existence of any encroachment on Sai Antiquities Zones.

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