The East has not recovered and will not recover because of these people ✍️ Muhammad Othman Al-Radi

Anyone who thinks that the East Sudanese body will recover and recover from the chronic diseases that control the joints of his lean body, should check himself again and again.

The problem of Eastern Sudan is neither a problem of resources nor a problem of latent energies, but its problem comes from its self-proclaimed leaders who speak in its name even though they are the furthest from it.

The first and last goal of these leaders is to achieve their own interests without paying attention to the problems of the people of Eastern Sudan.

These leaders of the people of each government are very adept at changing their skin according to demand and specialize in encouraging the survival of the official as long as their own self-interest remains.

I don't expect a slight change in eastern Sudan unless these faces completely disappear from the scene, and there is no way that will happen voluntarily unless they are uprooted from their islands.

Eastern Sudan has enormous potential inside and outside the land, as the ambitions of foreign countries have hatched conspiracies day and night to control the Red Sea coast, while our venerable political leaders are concerned with trivial matters.

The East has not calmed down and will not stabilize as long as there are political leaders who seek division and diaspora, embrace hate speech and show contradiction with what is hidden.

Eastern Sudan does not belong to a specific tribe or political sect, and it does not belong to a specific person who does as they please. He appoints whom he appoints, fires whomever he fires, and appoints himself guardian of the people of the land. ballast.

Unfortunately, these same leaders are showing up today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow to assume constitutional positions of all kinds.

The silent and loyal majority of the loyal people of the East sit on the sidewalk, watching and following the unfolding events. She will definitely step in at the right time and turn the tide, so keep an eye on them.

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