The executive director of Shendi locality inaugurated campaigns to eliminate waste and deformations in Qlayaat villages, south of Shendi. We formed partnerships to introduce a neighborhood cleanliness project.

The Executive Director of Shendi locality, Mr. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh Baqri Al-Qulayat, in the southern unit of Shendi, launched the major campaign to remove waste and deformities, mesquite tree and operations spraying, with the participation of the health, waste, culture and media departments, the South Shendi unit and the Media Association and Mustafarin. The executive director said the campaign was launched in all villages and areas of the locality to eliminate the accumulations of deformities and mesquites. in addition to spraying operations. Professor Khaled highlighted the need for community partnerships, especially in environmental sanitation campaigns. Khaled said that their strategy in the locality during the year 2024 is to realize the slogan of a waste-free locality. He said his locality had joined forces with Giad. Industrial Group and the National Bank of Omdurman by introducing a project of waste transporters in the neighborhoods numbering 20. The waste transporter and Khaled ordered the directors of the administrative units to go to the citizens and identify their problems on the ground and working to resolve them. them immediately.

Shendi South Unit Director, Ms. Aida Rabih, renewed her commitment to continue the campaign and harness all necessary capacities, thanking the people of Shendi South for their support to all local programs.

While the director of the General Directorate of Health of the locality, Mrs. Samia Othman Ahmed, revealed the continuation of sprinkler operations coinciding with the waste and malformation elimination campaigns launched in the locality.

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