The Executive Director of the Locality of Shendi receives the Deputy Commissioner for Refugees and the delegation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and welcomes the support of the organizations and the community of Shendi to the families coming from Khartoum.

The executive director of the locality of Shendi, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, received in his office the delegation of the Refugee Commission and the High Commission for Refugees, in the presence of the executive director of the locality of Al-Shendi. Matma, Mr. Mubarak Fadl. Idris, the administrations of the localities of Shendi and Al-Matma, education, health and social affairs, the Red Crescent Society and the representative of the security service. The meeting discussed reconciling conditions of arrival, their care and protection, and their provision. All types of services, including education, health, food and shelter equipment, Professor Khaled highlighted the great community initiatives carried out by the Shindi community and the fact that it has hosted a large number of families coming to Shendi due to the war and provided them with the necessary services. Professor Khaled said that the number of families hosted by the locality of Shendi is more than 52 thousand families, in addition to accommodating their children in local schools, highlighting the necessary needs of these families, reiterating the local commitment to provide basic services. services, thanking the River Nile State government and organizations that helped provide support to the expatriates.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the locality of Al-Matma, Mr. Mubarak Fadl Idris, praised the considerable efforts of UNHCR and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for their interest and concern to meet the necessary needs of families coming from Khartoum. of the war, Professor Mubarak highlighted the necessary needs of the arrivals in the locality of Al-Matma.

While Mr. Al-Sadiq Suleiman, Deputy Commissioner for Refugees, confirmed that the aim of the visit is to assess the conditions of the arrivals and their needs to provide them with support, he said that the objectives of the Commission are to protect and care for. and assist refugees and provide them with services in coordination and cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abdul Qadir Othman, Head of the Commission Delegation, commended the considerable and appreciated efforts made by the Government of Sudan, the Nile State Government and Shendi locality in providing services to the arrivals , thanking the Sudanese people and the community of Shendi. for welcoming a large number of families from Khartoum into their home. He said the community's support is an affirmation of the generosity of the Sudanese people.

The directors of the health, social affairs, education and Red Crescent departments presented detailed reports on the necessary needs of expatriates, highlighting the efforts made during the past period.

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