The expansion of education at general and higher levels is the basis of renaissance and development ✍️ Professor: Fikri Kabbashi, Al-Amin Al-Arabi

I believe, following the course of events, that the most important changes that have occurred over the past three decades and which have had a major impact on public life in Sudan are represented by the expansion of education at the general and higher education, the results of which have been represented by legions of young people aspiring for a better life that meets their ambitions and aspirations, and this has accompanied the astonishing development of the means of communication, which has led to an increase in the rate of awareness among all the Sudanese masses. people, and they witnessed and followed the development of the countries around them in the regional and global environment. They saw with their own eyes countries with modest resources, but they grew and took off, and this change included all members of the Sudanese people. with their various ethnic and religious components, in all regions of Sudan throughout its neighborhood… It should be noted that this development did not meet with an appropriate proposal from the party leaders if they remained confined to the same historical frameworks and were petrified by the same outdated and outdated concepts and did not strive to objectively analyze the real reality to find the appropriate solution. proposal… I believe this represents the root of the problem and what prevents the transition to democratic civilian rule, which depends on the peaceful transfer of power through free and fair elections under international supervision, through which candidates to management are differentiated according to programs that address immediate problems and extend into the future by presenting comprehensive strategic plans for development, growth and catching up with developed countries.

Teacher: Fikri Kabbashi, Al-Amin Al-Arabi.

May 12, 2024 AD.

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