The Federal Fund welcomes and highly appreciates the meeting between Lieutenant General Kabashi and Commander Al-Helou

The political secretary welcomes the courageous step of agreeing to facilitate humanitarian aid to our people in South and West Karavan.

The agreement prevents the Rapid Support Militia from fragmenting the country's unity and its sabotage plans.

Political Secretary of the First Democratic Federal Party, Moataz Al-Fahal, welcomed the meeting between Commander Abdulaziz Al-Hilu, leader of the Northern Sudan People's Liberation Movement, and Lieutenant General Shams al-Din Kabashi, Commander-in-Chief deputy of the He said that the importance of the meeting came in light of the outbreak of the war on April 15 and the discussion on the issue of humanitarian work and the need to facilitate the arrival of relief to our people in Nouba. The Mountains and the Blue Nile, and that this step is considered courageous and goes a long way to ending the war and thwarting the Rapid Support Militia's plan to divide Sudan and kill its people. He said: “It is a heart-warming and hope-renewing meeting. in the soul of the Sudanese. “Moataz Al-Fahal renewed his thanks to the State of South Sudan and for the mediation as well as to His Excellency President Silva Kiir in his ever renewed quest for Sudan and its unity and to end the suffering of Sudan . his people.

Al-Fahal renewed their support for the Sudanese armed forces in their national battle and their adherence to the unity of Sudan, land and people, and they will spare no effort to work towards the unification of political and civil forces .

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