The fight against smuggling in the Red Sea has led to the seizure of nearly half a ton of drugs and a quantity of weapons

In a new achievement for the customs forces, the Red Sea State anti-smuggling forces managed to seize 424 kilograms of drugs in one of the areas south of the city of Port Sudan, said Acting Interior Minister General Khalil Pasha Sairin. , reviewed the qualitative seizure, praising the great efforts made by the Red Sea Anti-Smuggling Forces, stressing their support through… Providing all assistance, calling for more efforts to protect the economy, combat smuggling and protect the society from all kinds of security threats.

For his part, Major General Salah Ahmed Ibrahim, Acting Director General of the Customs Forces, explained that this seizure is considered one of the qualitative and important seizures due to the presence of international gangs specialized in this field and the great danger that weapons pose to the security of the Red Sea State, especially in war circumstances.

Major General Hashim Mohammed Ahmed Al-Khalifa, Deputy Director General for Combating Smuggling, also renewed his full commitment to combating all forms of smuggling through convoys and land and sea outposts that operate day and night with strong determination in order to preserve the security and safety of citizens. His Excellency explained that drugs constitute a major support for the rebel militia by drugging its soldiers during the fighting, as it is difficult for the rebels to face the attacks of the armed forces other than by drugging them with these drugs, stressing that his forces are on the lookout for all these failed attempts.

For his part, the Director of the Red Sea Anti-Smuggling Department, Brigadier General Abbas Abdel Qader Dinar, said that the seizure was carried out after the availability of information and after careful monitoring and follow-up of 297 kilograms of narcotic ice. 64 kilograms of cocaine, 2 kilograms of hashish, 4 kilograms of heroin and 57 kilograms of… lithium sulfate, two horn pistols, ten Kalashnikov rifles and a smuggling vehicle (GMC) were also seized.

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