The future of digital platforms and usage policies in the face of interests – Something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

Digital platforms are an integral part of our daily lives and play an important role in shaping public opinion and influencing the course of events, particularly in light of crises and conflicts.

Concerning the role of digital platforms in the war currently unfolding in Sudan between the legitimacy of the armed forces, the rebellion of rapid support militias, the brazen chaos, the unethical practices of the fifth column and the anticipated threats of sleeper cells, digital platforms have played an important role in disseminating information and news about the ongoing war in Sudan, whether in front of official bodies or by citizens, and digital platforms have provided a space allowing citizens to express their opinions and share their ideas about the war, which helped shape public opinion and its influence on the course of events, but unfortunately some digital platforms were also used to broadcast speeches of hatred and incitement to violence, which led to… The conflict worsened.

The role of digital platforms in Sudan's post-war stages is that they play an important role in promoting national reconciliation in Sudan by spreading messages of tolerance and understanding. Digital platforms can be used to mobilize international support for reconstruction and development. of Sudan, while raising awareness of the dangers of conflicts and wars and promoting a culture of peace.

The role of influencers on digital platforms in rebuilding Sudan and calling for peace and security in Sudan lies in the need to use their platform to spread positive messages calling for peace and national unity and mobilize support for initiatives aimed at rebuilding Sudan and improving the situation. the lives of citizens and the need to raise awareness of the dangers of conflicts and wars and to promote a culture of peace.

Policies for the use of digital platforms in the face of political interests, assuming greater social responsibility to ensure that its platform is used responsibly and ethically, taking strict measures to combat hate speech and incitement to violence, and increasing transparency regarding its operations and policies. .

The local context and respect for community culture must be taken into account by designing use policies that take into account the local context and respect community culture, involving community representatives in the design and implementation of usage policies and teaching citizens how to use digital platforms. responsibly and safely.

It is the responsibility of influencers on digital media platforms to ensure the accuracy of the information they post before publishing it, present a balanced view on various issues, stay away from bias and promote any specific political agenda.

Digital platforms are a powerful tool that can be used for or against. By designing appropriate usage policies and holding influencers accountable, we can ensure that digital platforms are used positively to build a better future for Sudan.

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