The General Administration of Health and Housing continues its visits and support to health centers in the locality of Shendi

Ms. Samia Othman Ahmed, Director of the Department of Health and Housing, revealed that the administration will continue its supervisory visits to health centers with the aim of reviewing their performance, improving performance and localizing services .

Yesterday, the administration inspected the Kabushieh Unit centers, which included the centers of Al-Khatibab, Al-Qublab, Al-Ahmada, Sharq Al-Dim, Goz Al-Hajj and Dim Al-Fray, and met with those responsible for the work. health personnel and was assured of the progress of works, delivery of drugs, laboratory services and primary health care programs in the required manner.

Ms. Samia praised the outstanding performance of the medical directors and staff working in these centers and issued important directives in the health work. She promised to provide more support and welcomed the introduction of free treatment days in the expatriate unit.

The administration was accompanied by Mr. Bakri Adel, director of the administrative unit, and the Kabushi health inspector.

The visit was also accompanied by an integrated supervision team made up of statistics and health information services, center management and the emergency and epidemiology department.

The administration continues its visits to cover all health centers in the locality

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