The general intelligence law…headlines! ✍️ Rashan O'Shea

Because nothing is more important than preventing the imminent danger facing Sudan. To save existence and protect lives, the General Intelligence Service was re-legislated with fundamental changes…

The powers of the General Intelligence Service are important and necessary at present, because the days have proven that this war is not a military confrontation between the regular army and the rebels, but rather has an international dimension , seeking to control Sudan's resources after its collapse is therefore a salvation for the Sudanese who are wary of a devastating war, more typical of Khartoum, Al-Jazeera and Darfur or these razed countries.

With the start of the practical implementation of the “occupation of Sudan” plan on April 15, 2023 AD and the decision to attack on the ground the state of Khartoum, where a third of the population is concentrated Sudanese… and then violating all previous agreements. , the countdown is speeding up for Sudan's greedy international forces to begin a vast battle, the most important of which is an economic war….

The war against Sudan, which bore the title of uprooting the capabilities of the security and military system, had started in 2019 AD, and what is happening now, realistically, is the continuation of this war through the systematic destruction of the urban areas with an expansion of urban areas. circle of genocide and murder of Sudanese people due to hunger to confront them with the reality of forced displacement.

This is a plan to seize land, impose a security belt that protects the “Al-Dagalo” settlements, isolate the north and east from the rest of Sudan, destroy the economy and put an end to the influence of the Sudanese state. Among the risks surrounding Sudan is intelligence. tools that operate behind the scenes, requiring above all parallel work by state security agencies.

The internal unrest of the last period has completely obscured the role of the General Intelligence Service and even forced it to withdraw from field work and concentrate solely on information collection sites. Its presence and role therefore diminished as the number of its employees decreased due to repeated referrals. .

Today, the catastrophic situation requires that the General Intelligence Service and the entire security and military system have a more global vision to implement strong and severe security campaigns against businessmen who work to sabotage the Sudanese economy and are waging a war against the state and the citizen by monopolizing the importation of strategic goods, controlling their prices and preventing foreign exchange trading which… This caused the collapse of the pound sterling by the economic mafia that controls the market.

These measures are enough for the citizen who supports the State in the battle for dignity to regain confidence in its agencies and their ability to protect economic and national security, and to close the door to accusations of official inaction and perhaps collusion.

The situation now requires an immense and great intelligence effort on the ground to pull citizens out of the spiral of collapse by imposing a different context from that into which the country is pushed, because destiny is at stake.

This is the trend that stimulates the end of the persistent national imbalance in order to allow the reconstitution of the State by strengthening the role of institutions and agencies.

My love and respect

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