The Governor of the Nile meets the Governor of the Red Sea and an agreement is reached to establish twin states between the two states.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, Acting Governor of the Nile, confirmed that the relationship between the Nile and the Red Sea is strong and established during his meeting with Major General Ma'ash Mustafa Muhammad Nour Mahmoud. , the Red Sea Governor, in his office at the General Secretariat of the Port Sudan State Government.

The governor stressed the importance of coordination and cooperation between the two states, particularly in the area of ​​economy and investments. The Nile governor reviewed in detail the overall performance of the state, particularly in terms of development projects, services and major projects. the ongoing strategic projects in the state, including the expansion and development of works at Atbara Airport and Dry Port, as well as the stability of the educational process in the state, after the initiative of the State to open schools. as well as what happened in the field of mobilization, mobilization and Al-Karama camps, and the completion of the popular armed resistance structure in the state at the state level, Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi expressed his willingness to cooperate with the state. the Red Sea State.

For his part, Major General Mustafa Mohamed Nour, Governor of the Red Sea, welcomed the visit of the Governor of the Nile to the Red Sea, highlighting the links and overlaps between the Nile and the Red Sea and the neighborhood ties between the two. country. two states, which requires cooperation and coordination. He praised the efforts and initiatives of the Nile State government, particularly at the level of mobilization, mobilization and popular armed resistance, as well as the initiative to open schools and the strong decisions taken by The Nile Governor contributed to the support, assistance and assistance of the armed forces. He reviewed the work being done in the state, as the academic year began across the Red Sea State in recent days, emphasizing his full desire to connect with the Nile. State and state visit, God willing.

Through the meeting, a twinning was established between the two States and the exchange of visits, experiences and expertise in order to advance the reality of the national economy.

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