The hour of victory approaches – the last treatment – ✍️ Khaled Fadl Al-Sayyid

The successive victories that the armed forces have achieved in these days, with the support of the National Security and Intelligence Service, the police, the popular resistance and the livelihoods of the various types of regular forces and those on appeal against the rebels. the militia on various axes of combat, led to the defeat of the militias and the surrender of a large number of them, and their senior commanders on the ground were killed as a result of these battles, so that the militia was lost. They are now bands of mercenaries who roam the territory. roads and neighborhoods with the aim of stealing, looting, eating and drinking after the supply was cut off to them, which led to the failure of the plan for which they had come.

These movements led by the armed forces, winning victories, silenced the rebellion media, which spread their misleading lies to intimidate citizens and undermine their confidence in the inability of the armed forces to defeat them, doing the opposite to them and imposing their military control on the ground and in the various axes of combat in which they wage their war with determination and confidence.

This promising situation of defeat of this militia and its mercenaries has led citizens to follow these events at every moment, waiting for a complete liberation to be able to return home.

In light of these facts and the successive victories of the armed forces over this rebel militia, Sudan will see the liberation of all the areas desecrated by this militia and will be the harbinger of the next victory that is coming.

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