The importance of applying the concept of administrative development in Sudan ✍️ Professor: Fikri Kabbashi Al-Amin Al-Arabi

The problem of deterioration in Sudan, according to the consensus of many concerned and enlightened people, is mismanagement. Administrative development is considered one of the important issues and requires an efficient administrative apparatus which helps in preparing the plans and then putting them into practice and putting them into practice. carry out work to monitor plans and modify them if circumstances require it. What is meant by administrative development refers to modernization and administrative development.

A number of researchers believe that the concept of administrative development means the overall development of the administrative apparatus of the state and raising the level of its administrative capabilities, in order to enable it to fulfill the functions of the state in general and economic and economic functions. social development in particular, with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

Administrative development is achieved through the development of laws, rules and regulations, the development of managers and employees, the organizational development of government agencies and the development of work systems and procedures, within the framework of an administrative theory and doctrine in which members of society believe and apply its principles.

Administrative development is the effort that must be made continuously to develop the administrative apparatus of the country with the aim of raising the level of administrative capacity by establishing organizational structures adapted to the needs of development, simplifying the work system and its procedures, trying to develop positive behavior of employees towards their agencies and those who cooperate with them, and improvement of the environment that affects the administrative apparatus and is affected by it, in order to achieve the objectives of the management plans economic development with high efficiency and lower costs.

The development and development of the human element is considered one of the most important elements of administrative development, especially in Sudan, as it is the managers and employees who undertake the task of carrying out the implementation functions of the State. administrative development depends to a large extent on the success achieved in the development and development of managers and employees, and the means of development and development include managers and employees, which begins with the appropriate selection of managers and employees , because the selection must be made on the basis based on merit and depends on the description of the functions of the position, the qualifications and experiences required for the occupant, as well as the continuing training and development, which may result in offering scholarship opportunities for managers and employees to obtain academic qualifications suitable for their work and providing appropriate incentives. They then delegate the authorities necessary to carry out the work to managers and employees, as common complaints are about lack or absence of authorities. Finally, methods for evaluating the performance of managers and employees must be in force. be reconsidered, which must be built on practical and objective foundations, and appropriate rewards and incentives are given in light of this objective.

Teacher: Fikri Kabashi Al-Amin Al-Arabi.

May 5, 2024 AD.

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