The importance of ending this damn war and achieving lasting peace ✍️ Professor: Fikri Kabbashi, Al-Amin Al-Arabi

Achieving lasting peace requires strong determination and concerted efforts among all components to build trust, agreeing to turn the page on the past, with its good and bad sides, among all political components, and taking advantage of the experience of Brazil at the time of President Lula de Salva, who summed up his wisdom in a brief phrase (I am a son of today) … and it was his call, which had a magical effect on people, to intensify their enthusiasm and motivate them to work diligently … the results of which were evident in the great transformation of the Brazilian State, transforming it in a short time from a State burdened with debts to the World Bank to a creditor State to the same bank in less than ten years … and this opportunity must be exploited Good planning to start the process of peaceful coexistence, development and development for the good of this people who, for more than half a century, have suffered under the burden of poverty, disease, ignorance and delay, and for the sake of the future. generations, who have the right to build for them the foundations of a prosperous future and to provide them with decent living conditions and a high level of education according to the demands of the modern era… and employment opportunities commensurate with their ambitions and aspirations. absorb their intellectual and physical energy… And homes in which all amenities are available, like the rest of the nations that have shaken off the dust of the years and caught up with the countries of the developed world.

Professor: Fikri Kabbashi, Al-Amin Al-Arabi.

July 9, 2024 AD

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