The indulgent, the indulgent, as if they had planted and sowed it,,, the wheat rises….. ✍️ Ali Al-Fatih Al-Zubair

Through my travels between the states of our wounded homeland, since the start of this damn war

Show me what's essential

room for doubt

May the Sudanese people

The best and the biggest

the people of the world…

Its men… its women… its youth

..their children..

The majority did not increase them

The fire of war is bright, splendid and brilliant… just like gold, which grows brighter the more fire you give it.

After a long journey

exhausting and tiring,

Leave a city

Al-Hasahisa in the morning

The fall of the island state

In the hands of the rebels.

In December last year 2023


I passed through several villages

To the west of the island

In the dirty street of canals and canals

Go to Sinja Town

The capital of the state of Sennar.

Like we're on a date

With our good people

Those who came, young and old,

In the gatherings along the dirty street

They stop passersby as an “obligatory” act of kindness.

,, Water, food and fruit juice

If you don't get out of the car that's carrying you…

They ask you to wear it and take it with you

As they say: (Your road is long and you need extra food)..

Even one of them

Villages set up a clinic


On the side of the road…

There are a number of village doctors and around them are boxes of medicines and medical consumables.

And other medical aids.

They ask passers-by:

If one of you is sick.

Let it go down…

Such people, such chivalry and values

These are the wonderful aesthetic scenes of this great people

It only stopped when we reached the town of Sinja.

As the Chosen One, may God bless him and grant him peace, said

In the hadith authenticated by Al-Albani:

(The best of people, the most beneficial for people).

And like these people

We cannot follow them in doing good deeds, and they need it.

They are the ones who influence each other…

People of tolerance, cheerfulness and generosity

And the popular proverb was true among them: (He who forgives is he who forgives, He planted it and he left it, He raises, The wheat).

It's their natural nature

They are therefore protected

Of everything that's wrong with them

through thick and thin..

I later learned that these villages included

Village of Sharif Mukhtar..

They entered

These bastards mistreated his men and his young people and made them suffer

The question of torment…

Some of them died without their lives, honor or wealth.

In both cases, these people…

They are the best of us and the most generous of us.

They are dear… alive and dead…

So we ask God

Forgive and pity their dead

Let him accept them as martyrs.

And to speed up the recovery of people affected by ulcers and trauma.

And to hasten victory

For our armed forces…

Behind them lies popular resistance

And the armed struggle movements.

And it's not far from God.

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