The Kabashi team will sing alone (Leave Manama on me)! – The glory of the word – ✍️ Umm Waddah

Today's decision to return the Al Arabiya and Al Hadath channels should not be read in isolation from the foreign influence aimed at infiltrating the leadership and eliminating Al Burhan, even in stages, (and the military lobby in Manama) is still active at lieutenant general level. Kabashi and individuals who accompanied him these days in pushing for the return of the Jeddah platform, and even annexing the Emirates there through leaks. It is clear that the position of the Emirates has changed, and while I was there I reached an agreement. with the military, and it's an outright lie and it didn't happen.

As long as Israel exists, those in charge of its file have decided to merge its agenda with that of Manama.

The weak point of the Manama negotiations remains that they were based on the idea of ​​presenting Al-Burhan and Hemedti as “scapegoats” for the continuation of the same situation before April 15, which means a change of face and the continuation of negotiations. duality (army and support), even if there were promises of integration, generous compensation, and…

These are just false and fraudulent promises, because anyone who wants to commit does not make promises in the dark in Manama and then deny having visited the city.

We must be aware that the Manama negotiations coincided (suspiciously and maliciously) with the draft resolution of the American Congress, which condemned the militias for genocide, but without any reason, logic or argument, the name of Commander Al-Burhan , the army and its leaders are included in the American project while holding part of the responsibility.

Then the stranger will betray him again with the proof he trusts.

Therefore, I say to any soldier who believes that the promises and dreams of the Manama negotiations are good for Sudan, that he who betrays the evidence will betray him.

Speaking of America and the draft Congressional resolution, it is clear that he was hypnotized, only for Al-Burhan to accept Manama. Then the draft resolution was heated and transformed into a resolution condemning Hemedti and Al-Burhan, which is the American version. from Manama. Which confirms that there are also manipulations in the American file to mislead the evidence.

I write this conversation with pain in my heart, and there, in Karari and Omdurman, Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta opposes all these measures.

I write this speech and the pain overwhelms me, and there are those who fight in advance, giving their soul, their blood and their years of life in redemption for the homeland, because what is happening is a betrayal complete, and even the officers supporting Manama, when the lights went out and the negotiations were revealed, declared that it did not belong to them, but rather to Kabashi alone, and the scene would repeat itself, and Kabashi would find himself alone, singing (Leave Manama on) Then regret will be of no use.


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