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Western and Arab media reported some time ago that Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, sister of the King of Jordan and wife of the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, had gone to the (British) courts to preserve her (family) and (social) rights. She filed a complaint against her husband because she was pressured to “give up” some or all of these rights, as reported in (circulating) news reports. ) at this moment.

A woman of this (influential) status, wife of the ruler of the emirate (the richest), vice-president of a state and sister of a king, is obliged to resort to (foreign) courts in order to preserve her rights . . This move by Princess Haya was a challenge on behalf of (her husband) and on behalf of her country.

People were extremely surprised that the First Lady of Dubai turned to Britain, which exerts colonial influence in the Emirates, to protect her rights.

Those who were surprised by the position of Princess Bint Al Hussein towards her husband's family and her brother's family, who are major financial and political influencers (actors) in the region, particularly in the issues related to Palestine or Iran.

The signs of this astonishment would disappear if (the United Arab Emirates) itself resorted to (Britain) to protect them from the (complaint) that Sudan filed against (the United Arab Emirates), accusing it of financing the war that broke out in Khartoum and to support it logistically. , and Sudan asked the Security Council to hold a session to discuss it (The attack, which was documented by Western and Arab media. Very credible, which revealed the extent of the UAE's support for the rebel militia and the transfer of this support through regional airports So that the UAE does not enter into an “embarrassing” situation with Sudan or “deteriorate” its position in its foreign relations, they requested the assistance. of Britain to get them out of this embarrassment and save face towards their friends and brothers in other countries and international and regional organizations. He therefore resorted to Britain, which enjoys political influence. and security and which is one of the big five in the world The UN Security Council has used its influence and changed the path of the complaint in favor of one which gives an opportunity to the United Arab Emirates to get rid of. that (condemnation)

Britain itself has a dark history as it once called itself the kingdom on which the sun never sets. It committed “crimes” in its colonies no less horrible than those committed today by militias in Sudan in the name of democracy. Britain itself claims to be the “pioneer” of democratic governance in the world.

It is ironic that Princess Haya resorted to Britain to protect herself from the injustice of one of the rulers of the Emirates, and that the Emirates itself resorted to Britain to protect itself from the crimes committed against Sudan and proven by Western media.

Today, Britain finds itself in a critical position: it protected (a woman) from the injustice of her husband and protected (the state) from her husband the crimes she committed against an entire people . These are the paradoxes of the owner of the crown.

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