The leadership of popular mobilization and resistance in Marawi renews its commitment to defeat passing militias

A large crowd gathered under the leadership of the chairman of the Popular Mobilization, Mobilization and Resistance Committee of Marawi Al-Bash locality, engineer Abdul Karim Al-Fath, his deputy, Hajj Babiker, the heads of sectors and supervisors of the locality's camps and outposts, in the hall of the Islamic University of Omdurman, in the presence of the second commander of the 19th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Yasser Al-Siddiq Al-Amin Al-Bathani, and the head of the intelligence division, Colonel Adel Ali Al-Hassan Nouri.

Participants renewed their commitment to stand with the armed forces to defeat passing militias.

The meeting discussed the continuation of training and rehabilitation operations and the military influx to expand the front lines of the Battle of Karama.

The meeting affirmed Mustafari Marawi's position in favor of national unity behind the leadership of the armed forces and maximizing mass rallying behind the army until the country is rid of Arab diaspora militias.

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