The management of the National Agricultural Forest Project meets the Executive Director

The Executive Director of the locality of Al-Dabba, Mr. Mohamed Saber Mohamed Ahmed, met today with the members of the Board of Directors of the National Agricultural and Forestry Project (Al-Kandwa) in a library, in the presence of the Director of agriculture in the locality of Al-Dabba. locality, Ms. Amira Mohamed Ahmed, the Executive Director listened to a detailed explanation of the current conditions of the project, as well as the obstacles facing the project and how to prepare for the summer season.

The executive director explained that he will work to overcome the obstacles facing the project, promising to remove some of the obstacles to the competent authorities of the state so that it is rehabilitated in an excellent way, working to increase the productivity of the State and farmers. He also congratulated the project farmers for the productivity achieved during this season.

The local agriculture director also said that this project achieved a high success rate during this winter season, with an average of 17 bags per acre.

Stressing that this will involve supporting farmers with all the production inputs they need so that they can prepare well for the summer season.

For his part, Mr. Muhammad Radhi Al-Anwar Al-Idrissi, Chairman of the Council, spoke, appreciating the role of the Executive Director and the local Department of Agriculture in their interest in the farmers' segment. It is clear that the dysfunctions of the project. and the obstacles facing this project are numerous for it to function in the required manner, the most important being the urgent need for an irrigation unit, a 6 meter pipe and disinfection of the 5 meter canal kilometers long until this project is completed. this is completed. In preparing for the summer season, he confirmed that the winter season saw satisfactory productivity despite the numerous malfunctions which led to the destruction of certain crops.

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