The marches as well as the armed forces and security services are open ✍️ Salah Ahmudi

As the sound of anti-aircraft defenses and missiles filled the skies of Shendi at two in the morning today, citizens woke up to witness with their own eyes the response of the 3rd Infantry Division forces.

The demonstrations were intended only for a group of media, but the brave men were crazy and alert and shot down these demonstrations in a short time and with great professionalism and precise sniping.

I swear I've seen steps and how to deal with them

I did not move from my bed because of my conviction and great confidence in the cavalry of the 3rd Infantry Division, Shindi, led by the fearless Major General Hamdan, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, who always emphasized that Shindi was invincible to the rebellion and that without it there was joy and souls.

O my country, Shendi Nomo (Qafa), do not be afraid of the trumpets of rebellion that threaten to enter Shendi, and you must support your armed forces materially and morally and uncover the sleeping columns and cells.

Victory and pride for our armed forces

Shame and disgrace to the militia, its collaborators and supporters

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