The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning welcomes the efforts of Nile State in the area of ​​economy, investment and production, and confirms that the country counts on this state to advance the economy national.

Dr. Jibril Ibrahim Mohamed, the country's Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, has lauded the Nile State government's appreciated efforts towards the economy, investment and production. This happened during his meeting in his office in Port Sudan with Dr. Mohamed Al-. Badawi Abdel Majid Abu Qarun, Acting Governor of Nile, provided further clarification to the Minister on the state's performance during the previous period, focusing on the areas of economy and investment, and on the state's efforts to receive a large number of people. in the number of arrivals in the state due to the rebellion and the heavy pressure on services. The Federal Finance Minister expressed his deep gratitude for the state's reception of all those who came, as well as the state's reception of a large number of people. The minister affirmed his support for the State's efforts, particularly in the area of ​​mining activation. and the increase in production after the great success achieved by the state during the winter season and the high productivity of the wheat crop in particular, he added. He added that the state was currently being relied upon to ensure the country's food security. State

We note that Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Professor Moaz Abdullah Bilal, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Federal Government, and a number of officials of the Ministry of Finance and Planning economy participated in the meeting.

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