The Ministry of Health: receives a shipment of medicines supplied by the Indian company Astra Nesher

Today Saturday, 48 boxes of a small shipment of medicines arrived, as well as 10 boxes of medical supplies, 70 boxes of large and medium formats and 29 boxes of peritoneal dialysis solutions, from the Indian group Astra Neshir Hospitals Company operating in the United Arab Emirates via Dubai Airport, and were transported free of charge by Tarco Airlines.

She was received at Port Sudan Airport by the Undersecretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Ismat Mustafa and Ambassador Abdel Raouf Amer, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This expedition took place after the Sudanese consulate in Dubai signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian company, issuing medical cards to all Sudanese working in the Emirates and reducing the value of treatment by 20%.

said Dr. Ismat Mustafa, Commissioner of the Federal Ministry of Health, said in a press release at Port Sudan Airport today that the shipment of the drugs was handled by the Indian company Astra, which signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sudanese consulate in Dubai. The medicines supplied by the company are estimated at one million dirhams, in addition to carrying out free pediatric heart operations for Sudanese children residing in the Emirates, he pointed out, the memorandum also provides for free surgeries for children residing in the Emirates. includes the organization of monthly treatment camps for Sudanese in the Emirates and mobile clinics. He added: The company has carried out 40 free surgeries, and the group is also committed to training and qualifying Sudanese doctors and executives working in the group in the Emirates. opening up postgraduate study opportunities for doctors and masters and doctorate executives, the group is committed to this.

Ismat noted that the company responded to the Federal Minister of Health's call for organizations to rebuild hospitals destroyed by war and support the health system. He thanked the Aster company for its generous donation. He also thanked the Tarco company for free transportation of the cargo. He added that the Sudanese Consulate in Dubai, headed by Consul Zaher Abdel Fadel Agab, rewarded his efforts by signing a memorandum with the company in Dubai.

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