The Ministry of Production and Economic Resources of Sennar announces the launch of a campaign to combat the devastating aphid

The Ministry of Production and Economic Resources – Sennar State announced the launch of a campaign to combat this recalcitrant scourge, including the localities of Al-Dindar, Abu Hajar, the Sennar West unit, the region of Wadal Nil and the localities of Al-Dali. and Al-Mazmoum.

Deputy Director of the General Department of Plant Protection, Plant Protection Specialist – Al-Mazal, Bashir Musa, expressed his thanks to the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abu Bakr Omar and the Director General of the Ministry of Production, agronomist Al-Hadi Al-Sadiq Ali, for their generous support and the great role they played in combating agricultural pests to produce a good harvest with high nutritional value.

Al-Muazal said that the campaign to combat the aphid scourge was preceded by intensive survey campaigns to determine the size and locations of its presence, indicating that this period is considered the optimal period of control due to the presence of the aphid in the dormant stage. .

Al-Muazal announced that there are reasons that hinder the success of this campaign, including means of travel and fuel, in order to facilitate better preparation work for the 2024-2025 season.

The farm has called on all farmers to report any type of pest that appears, whether it be locusts, starlings or stubborn pest populations.

He said his administration was striving with all its might, despite the exceptional circumstances and security conditions prevailing in the country, to cover all parts of the state, adding that they had better accomplish what is requested, emphasizing the availability of his government. administration to receive all reports, whether they concern locusts, nocturnal swarms or birds.

He hoped for an agricultural season promising high productivity, despite the war conditions the country is going through, and that security and stability would return to the country and all people would return to their homes and settle down, and he clearly indicated that production is the only wheel that can extract the economic circle from the bottom of collapse.

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