The Moral Guidance Department's brainstorming meeting with media professionals in Shendi

Among the visits made by Major General Mamoun Abdel Raouf Muhammad Saleh, director of the General Administration of Moral Guidance, to check the progress of work in military units and press rooms, he was accompanied by a large delegation which included the director of the General Administration of Moral Guidance. Department of Moral Guidance, Colonel Corner Hafez Fath al-Rahman, and the Director of Armed Forces Radio, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Dharar. And editor-in-chief of the Armed Forces newspaper

Major General Mamoun Abdel-Raouf Mohammed Saleh, who met with the Ministry of Culture and Information, spoke with media professionals from the locality of Shendi, greeted the media and thanked the brothers of media from the Khartoum Media Association in Shendi and He praised their role in bridging the gap due to war and disruption of state agencies, filling the void, standing alongside their forces armies and boosting morale. he has been playing since its creation. Its job is to restore and strengthen trust between the armed forces and their leaders and to denounce attacks on the country by the Rapid Support Militia, suspect organizations and other irresponsible groups.

He also discussed the role of media as one of the overall strengths of the state and its role in strengthening the social fabric, contributing to the building and development of the state and helping decision-makers identify areas weak and to strengthen them.

He sent a vote of thanks on behalf of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, the Deputy Chief of Staff and those responsible for moral work.

Calling for partnerships and cooperation between the media, military media and the Media Association to support stability, reconstruction and national security in the coming period.

He also expressed his satisfaction with the Al Karama Forum and its slogan (A conscious people…a promising nation) and the implications it entails, calling for the development of the feeling of security and the feeling of national security and to transfer the experience of the forum to other states under their leadership. Accompanied by the experience of awareness convoys (moral vaccination convoy) in Kadugli and the impact they had on solving the problems of citizens in the region.

He called for more workshops and seminars to identify issues facing citizens and work to resolve them due to their impact on national security.

_ Welcoming the achievements presented by the Department of Culture and Information and the Shendi Locality Media and Journalists Association.

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