The need for coordination between the three components of the Al Hilal Club – Sports Letters – ✍️ Adel Suleiman

Al-Hilal Al-Asmi Sports Club is an ancient club with a long historical and civilizational heritage, a glorious past, deep roots and clearly visible achievements that are unmistakable to the discerning eye or sound mind, and it no two are different at all. through current events related to foreign relations, especially the Gulf countries, and especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other Arab countries with popular support, and it is clear that it There is a wide gap between the two. three components of Al-Hilal, namely the General Secretariat, the Central Association of Al-Hilal and the external supporters associations. Perhaps we can see with our own eyes what manifests through the differences in vision regarding training. management committees and address regulations, laws and statutes. For the club that organizes and controls the work of external links, and the question does not require effort, diligence or theorizing. The law and statute are clear and their interpretation. is clear, and there is no other interpretation. Its meaning is clear and conclusive, and its meaning is not speculative. It does not lead to other interpretations that deepen disputes, widen wounds and disrupt and paralyze the process and movement of active actors. Links and entry into conflict. Sponsorship issues do not enlarge or enrich the leaders of external associations and their general assemblies who must resort to the spirit of the law, which must prevail in the corridors of the different associations. a significant number of Al Hilal men who are knowledgeable and familiar with the laws, regulations and systems related to the club and even the Youth and Sports Law and can provide evidence to modify them to resolve these discussions and disagreements, and if we arrive at the truth. and in the original there are no disagreements, but rather they raise questions that are initially settled legally. Therefore, the responsible and loyal brothers in these bonds must miss the opportunity for those who hide in the high and lofty entity of Al-Hilal and not. pay attention to governance issues and small matters and focus and rely on the fundamental issues of Al-Hilal, the essential and detailed steps and everything that would contribute to the development and improvement of the work performance of the associations and strive diligently to benefit from it. of the three-month period for the training of management committees to review members and hold workshops to review the laws and regulations that govern it and urge members to pay their dues in order to improve and beautify the image of Al-Hilal and provide the necessary support to the club, which it helps achieve its desired plans, programs and objectives for the remainder of this year.

* The three components, the General Secretariat, the Central Association and the external links, must commit to applying close coordination and working in perfect harmony, agreement, harmony, and with a coherent rhythm in accordance with the basic system, in a concern for the interest of Al-Hilal, his elevation and the height of his heel.

*May you always be proud of the motherland*

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