The negative repercussions of mercenary states – it's no secret – ✍️ Ahmed Babakir Al-Makabrabi

The Battle of Karama entered its second year after the Al-Dagalo terrorist forces rebelled against the Sudanese Armed Forces and after they adopted the project and plan to invade the State of Sudan with the permission of the United Arab Emirates to implement the Zionist plan, the United Arab Emirates and the countries of the Western coalition which indirectly contributed to supporting the rebel terrorist militias, first and foremost America, which (*wrongly adopts the Jeddah Peace Platform)*.

But one of the things that West African countries have not realized is the support of mercenary fighters and their participation in fighting alongside militias.

Against the people of Sudan, and in return, the valiant Sudanese armed forces faced them with strength and skill.

He worked to wipe out rebel militias and mercenaries from Sudan's neighboring countries who were bought to fight militia aides and supporters to seize power by force of arms in Sudan in order to plunder its wealth and implement the plan for demographic change by displacing the Sudanese people. and replacing them with Arabs from the diaspora of Niger, Chad, Central Africa and Mali.

But their hopes were disappointed and their blades were broken

In front of the Sudanese war machine, they were exterminated by our Sudanese armed forces, protectors of the land and honor.

Today we can say that the countries of West Africa, notably Chad, Niger, Central Africa and Mali, have lost enormous human wealth, and that they constitute part of the youth in the battle for dignity, and Khartoum was their graveyard, as well as the Thus, the backs of the aforementioned West African countries were exposed and became an easy piece to swallow of the same evil countries, the first of which is the United Arab Emirates, which is working to implement the plan. plan of fate and betrayal, and it is very possible that the UAE will betray the state of Chad, Niger, Central Africa and Mali after these countries lost a huge and huge share of wealth of their youth in the war in Sudan, and it would have been better to preserve this enormous human wealth that he involved in the war in Sudan, he was (exterminated) in Sudan without obtaining any gain, but rather he lost completely the Sudanese neighborhood.

The countries that support the militias have become the first enemies of the Sudanese people, who support their valiant Sudanese armed forces, which they are proud of among the countries of the world. They are among the strongest and fiercest forces and have their own combat doctrine. has amazed countries all over the world, who are fighting more than seven countries united with all the audacity and ability, and this is what frightens the West African countries who supported the rebellion out of ignorance and stupidity of their leaders (slaves of the West). the dirham and the dollar)

Our message to the UAE and West African countries: let everyone know that the great people of Sudan are not like the rest of the people that the UAE has manipulated, and that they is very possible that the end and collapse of the United Arab Emirates and their bankruptcy will be sufficient reason for…

To enter and wage its war against the people of Sudan, who invoke God Almighty day and night and from the pulpits of mosques, asking God to destroy the oppressive and devious state of the Emirates.

Thus, one of the negative repercussions for West African countries is that they lost in their war against Sudan the greatest human wealth of youth which was supposed to be preserved to protect their countries from Zionist ambitions. . There is no doubt that evil countries will betray. the countries of West Africa very shortly after losing their battle against Sudan in the battle for the dignity demanded by the totally Sudanese people in the Sudanese People's Armed Resistance…

*An army, a people against* *Traitors and agents*

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