The Nile Governor highlights the importance and role of community policing in maintaining security and stability and welcomes community policing undertaking their work from Nile State.

Dr. Muhammad al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, Acting Governor of Nile, highlighted the important role of community policing in maintaining security and stability. This happened during his meeting in his office in Damer with Police General Saif al-Din. Ahmed al-Hajj, Director of the Country's Community Police, in the presence and participation of Major General of the Human Rights Police Salman Muhammad al-Tayeb, Director of the State Police and Brigadier General of the Police Muhammad Saleh, Director of Community Policing and Police Lt. Col. Walid Shabo, Director of the State Police Executive Office

The Governor commended the presence of community policing in the country which carries out its duties and commences its work from Nile State. The Governor stressed the need to combat all negative phenomena that threaten the security of society, explaining that the Nile State represents a smaller state. Sudan and peaceful coexistence, and he welcomed all those who came there without harm or harm. The governor affirmed his support for the state's community policing department, the state will provide a model for the rest of the states in this aspect.

For his part, Police General Saif El-Din Ahmed Al-Hajj, Director of Community Policing in the country, expressed his great joy in starting the work of the Nile State administration, stressing that the State has a well-established network. experience in community policing, emphasizing that they will be the support and support of the government, citizens and people of the state in order to preserve the tolerant and virtuous values, customs and morals derived from our true Islamic religion, he -he praised the efforts of community policing. The state government under the leadership of the governor in the areas of mobilization, mobilization and people's armed resistance, he added, seeks to form community committees in the state, localities, units and regions in order to help and assist the community police in their activities. fully performing their duty, praising the interaction of citizens and residents of the Nile with community policing programs.

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