The Nile Governor meets the leaders of the police hospital and salutes the appreciated efforts and the great role of the hospital

Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, Acting Governor of Nile, expressed his deep satisfaction with the distinguished service provided by the Atbara Police Hospital. This happened during his meeting in his office in Al-Damir with the leaders. from the hospital, in the presence and with the participation of Major General of the Human Rights Police Salman Muhammad Al-Tayeb, Director of the State Police, and Brigadier General Dr. Al-Walid, Director general of the hospital.

The Governor noted that what the hospital provides contributes to the state's efforts and initiatives to localize treatment within the state. The Governor affirmed his full support for the hospital's efforts, particularly in terms of emergency and accident services, in light of the situation. large crowds at the hospital due to the quality of services it offers.

Major General Salman Muhammad Al-Tayeb, Director of State Police, praised the governor's great support for the Atbara Police Hospital, which helped improve the hospital's performance. He added that the hospital provided excellent services to all citizens inside and outside. the State, in addition to providing free treatment to the injured during dignity operations, saluting the distinguished performance of the staff working at the hospital, describing them as excellent executives who work with great professionalism, efficiency, sincerity, dedication and impartiality.

The Brigadier General of Police, Dr Walid, Director General of the hospital, reviewed in detail the functioning of the hospital given the high density and high frequency of visits to the hospital, particularly among wounded of dignity and those arriving in the state, which has contributed to the great pressure on the hospital, necessitating the increase and expansion of the hospital, especially the emergency and accident department, and the need to increase the number of beds by 55. At the number of 67 beds to cope with this scramble, he highlighted the new additions to the hospital, focusing on the departments of cardiac diseases and surgery, diseases and neurosurgery , and appreciated the great support given by the state government, under the leadership of the governor, to the hospital, which helped achieve the achievements that were made during the previous period at the hospital.

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