The Nile Governor meets with the management of the Sudan Mineral Resources Company and appreciates the efforts of the company and commends the distinguished performance of the company's Nile branch. The company's general manager announces the creation of a city and a gold refinery. in the Nile.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, Acting Governor of Nile, has paid tribute to the considerable and appreciated efforts of the Sudan Mineral Resources Corporation to develop and improve the performance of the mining sector. headquarters of the company in Port Sudan and the meeting with the management of the company led by Mr. Muhammad Taher, the general manager of the company, and in the presence and participation of Major General Qasim Police, director of the country's mining police.

Mr. Al-Wali praised the company's efforts to regulate gold exports and its interest in regulating traditional mining, praising the distinguished performance of the company's branch in the state and its efficiency, which contributed to achieving a high percentage of revenue. Wali highlighted their earnest efforts to make the most of social responsibility resources and funds and properly direct them towards the implementation of development projects including water, electricity, education, health and health. roads. Social accountability is used transparently so that it goes directly to those who deserve it in local communities, without interference from any party or individual.

On his part, Mr. Mohamed Taher, Managing Director of the Sudan Mineral Resources Corporation, expressed deep gratitude to the River Nile State Government under the leadership of the Governor and all security and enforcement agencies in the State for their cooperation and close collaboration. coordination with the company, which helped increase production and increase income in light of the exceptional circumstances the country is going through, he added. Nile State is considered the premier mining state and the backbone of the country's mining and contribution. national economy, Mr. Mohamed Taher revealed their efforts to advance and develop the mining reality and to fully understand the product and pay attention to the export of gold. The Nile Gold Town and Refinery will soon be opened, and will be built in this location. partnership between the company and Zadna and Haya Efforts Company. The state government is paying attention to the areas of export environment readiness by expanding and developing Atbara Airport and Atbara Dry Port as export receptacles, emphasizing its full readiness to cooperate with the state. , praising the distinguished experience of the State in social responsibility projects and programs. The state's experience will be disseminated to all mining states, and this will be done through the company to organize a visit to private and community administrations in the Red Sea State. Nile State in the coming days in this regard

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