The Nile State Ministry of Education… The Ministry is ready to participate in comprehensive family production and community development programs and projects.

*Organizations and centers affiliated and cooperating with the ministry will participate*

*The Minister directs the management of activities and the management of food cultivation and agriculture* *in coordination*

The Nile State Minister of Education, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Yassin, announced

About the ministry's interest in captive production programs, small scale industries and women's development projects.

He added that production captivates in all its forms

It is necessary, especially in light of the current conditions that the country is going through, and that food security is a priority, he added, there is a certain desire to launch and expand these programs, which is one of the ministry's concerns. during his meeting with the Director of the National Community Project for Prisoner Production and the National Community Initiative to Achieve Food Security, Professor Elias Abdel Rahman, in the presence of Professor Omaima Abdel Dayem.

The Directorate of School Activities of the Ministry and Mr. Naqr Majzoub, Director of School Activities of the Locality of Shendi

He added that the vast spaces of schools, especially homes, will be the center of attention and focus of school activities.

Agricultural and food culture, in coordination with the project management in all localities, announcing the participation of organizations, associations and events

And the ministry centers concerned with production programs and community development as a whole.

Director of the National Community Project for Prisoner Production and the National Community Initiative for Achieving Food Security, Mr. Elias Abdel Rahman, said during the meeting that the project was adopted and deepened thanks to the major participation of the Federal Ministry of Education, the presence of the Departments of Agriculture, Food Culture and Girls' Education, as well as the dynamics of the Ministry of Education in Khartoum State. He added that most trainers are private. it flourished in Khartoum State. There is also a great work that started in Nile State two and more years ago. The project is currently working on its recycling again, and this time consultations have taken place with all national economic leaders. sector, Nile Governor Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdel Majid, and the state government, Nile State Minister of Production and Economic Resources, Engineer Salah Muhammad Ali, and Minister breeding and. Pastures, Dr Najda Arbab

The Minister of Social Protection, Dr. Tahani Mirghani, and relevant departments, in addition to the Executive Director of Shendi Locality, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, and Mr. Elias Abdel Rahman confirmed that the leading development media platform is present and includes the best experts in media and development, in addition to media professionals interested in economics, development and food security.

He added that the family production and community development project requires the combined efforts of society and integration with the state at all levels. Once again, the total desire confirms the ability of Nile State to provide healthy and safe food at home. production and industry, especially as families began to take an interest in small projects.

Ms. Omaima Abdel Dayem, Directorate of School Activities

At the Ministry of Education, Nile River, member of the National Community Project for Captive Production and the Al-Anwar Economic Forum, who provided a summary of the project's objectives.

It started in Nile State, and she said it is the project that guarantees food in the face of rising prices and low incomes of most families, especially expatriates. She announced that the start would be in accommodation centers, in particular. since most of them, especially peripherals, have all the production components.

Land, water and the human element

The director of school activities of the education department of the locality of Shendi confirmed the willingness of his administration to participate, especially since models were presented and several meetings were held. He announced the participation of members of the Abu Ashma cultural organization to support the project, in particular. in the localities of Shendi, Al Matama and Al Damer.

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